Laya Yoga meditation

Get to know Laya Yoga and its Wonderful Benefits

Laya yoga is a variation of kundalini yoga; the meaning of this type of yoga is the dissolution of the elements or absorption of meditation.

The word ‘laya’ comes from the root π (pi), which means fading or dissolution, although it can also be interpreted as sticking or staying stuck.

Laya yoga is a Tantric method of meditation that seeks conditional mental dissolution through the use of certain techniques such as breath control.

In hatha yoga, when the word ‘laya’ is spoken of, it refers to the immersion or imbibition of attention in reality through the practice of samadhi. Sometimes the word ‘laya’ is used as a synonym for ‘samadhi’.

Therefore, laya yoga is a modality of yoga in which the dissolution of the ‘I’ and the fusion with the supreme consciousness is achieved. This type of yoga leads to the state of samadhi, which is the highest unification with the divine.

It guides the mind from the state of manifestation and dissolution to the htasa moola pakriti, which means ‘original state’.

Although it can also be called kundalini yoga, since it awakens the power of kundalini. Laya yoga works from the sahasrara (crown chakra) in the upper body and flows down through the lower chakras to awaken kundalini.

Laya Yoga mantra

Laya yoga was created by the sage Gorakhnath, who was the disciple of the sage Matsyendranath. The aim of the practice of laya yoga is to alter the conscious level of the mind to a higher state by making the mind listen to the inner sound. The practice of laya yoga includes pranayama, mudras, asanas, mantras and bandha.

Laya Yoga from different perspectives

In hatha yoga there is much talk about laya yoga, even in such a text it is stated that there are many paths that lead to laya, but that apparently the best of these is the practice of nadam.

In one of the texts granted by Goraksha, it is indicated that laya yoga is suitable for the average practitioner and is based on contemplating the nectar of immortality in one’s own body.

This incorporates the visualization of Shiva in the ligam way. Even in such a text it is stated that after six months a person can acquire paranormal powers and will have enough longevity to live three hundred years.

As for the Shiva Samhita, it specifies that the person who forgives, who is moderate, who is eager to do good, who is interested in any work, who speaks pleasantly and who has no doubts, is given laya yoga.

Based on bija yoga, the state of laya yoga is like the identity between the field and the field’s connoisseur. After achieving this identity, the mind proceeds to dissolve; subsequently when the laya yoga state occurs, the life force begins to stabilize. With such a state of absorption, inner happiness is achieved.

What is Laya Yoga based on?

Laya means dissolution. The dissolution of oneself first in the Holy Spirit, then in the primordial consciousness and later in the complete absolute (this is one of the elements of the final part of the religious path).

Laya Yoga Kundalini

The methods of laya yoga have to be called, even if the path is called kundalini yoga, nhakti yoga, krita yoga, buddhi yoga, sufism or hesychasm.

After all, the methodological scheme of man’s spiritual advancement is common to all people. The differences are only in terms and minor accents put certain nuances into concrete spiritual traditions.

So, what needs to be done to achieve perfection on the path of laya yoga?


In order to ask this more real question, one can formulate it in reverse: what should be done in order to obtain at first the possibility to feel the most subtle manifestations of universal consciousness, which is the Holy Spirit and the Creator?

The answer to this is to get closer to God.

But this does not mean visiting temples, performing certain bodily movements, or repeating certain songs. It is a matter of getting closer to God through the state of the soul, of bringing the state of the soul closer to the state of God.

This is the only way we can get closer to God; learn to feel Him, to listen to His advice, instructions and commandments. Through this one can learn to enter into the bliss of union with him in order to achieve unity with him.

The first thing to do is to purify the body, the mind, and the conscience of all that is rude. For this purpose, one has to cleanse the energy structures of the body with the help of raja yoga methods, and this will result in a radical improvement of the health and state of the soul.

And thought, that is, the work of the mind, must be purified of everything that is malevolent toward anyone, even the most contemptuous human scum. Thanks to this, the emotions of anger, irritation will be replaced by compassion for these ignorant people with the desire that they realize how destructive their path is.

Emotions are like our states (like consciousness). Gross emotions are states of hellish souls; subtle emotions are states of paradisiacal souls; the most subtle emotions are the states of the Holy Spirit, the Creator and the Messiah.

P oreover, the work on the refinement of consciousness is the main method of getting closer to the creator.

Laya Yoga meditation

Also one can achieve significant success on the path of yoga only by developing oneself as a spiritual, subtle, and giant heart.

The benefits of Laya Yoga

Among the most relevant benefits of the practice of laya yoga, are

1) Relieves stress.

2) Heals mood swings.

3) Promotes emotional stability.

4) Heals addictions.

5) Improves the immune system.



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