Menstrual Cramps meaning

5 Yoga Postures to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Menstruation or bleeding is completely normal for women, and it is bleeding from the vagina that happens every few months, with menstrual cramps as part of every woman’s monthly cycle.

Many women have painful periods, which are also known as dysmenorrhoea.

The pain is usually caused by menstrual cramps, which are menstrual cramps or pains in the lower abdomen.

Other symptoms, such as lower back pain, diarrhoea, nausea and headaches, may also occur.

It should be noted that pain during the menstrual period is not the same as PMS, as the latter has completely different symptoms, including weight gain, feeling irritable, bloated and fatigued.

PMS usually occurs about two weeks before your period.

Menstrual cramps can have different degrees of intensity, ranging from mild to very severe cramps.

The characteristic pains of menstruation that are mild are not very noticeable and usually last only a short time, and women often describe them only as feeling a little heavy in the womb.

While menstrual cramps of considerable severity cause a lot of pain to the extent that they can make it difficult to carry out daily activities and if they do prevent you from doing them completely, the duration of this type of cramping is usually days.

Causes of menstrual cramps


Although for some people menstrual cramps are not even felt, for others they are a nightmare, but the main thing is to know that there are two types of menstrual cramps, which in this case will be called dysmenorrhoea.

 Menstrual Cramps relief

Dysmenorrhoea is classified into primary and secondary dysmenorrhoea, and each of these is caused by different reasons:

– Primary dysmenorrhoea: This is the most common menstrual colic, and is characterised by the fact that it is not generated by any other condition.

This means that the cause of it is usually that the woman has many prostglandins, which are chemicals from the uterus.

These chemicals cause the muscles in the uterus to start contracting and relaxing at the same time, which leads to cramping.

– Cramps can start up to two days before your period and last only a few days, but there are exceptions where they last much longer. In most cases, these menstrual cramps start to be present from adolescence after a woman has her first period; and usually when a woman gets older she starts to feel less menstrual cramps.

– Secondary dysmenorrhoea: This type of colic is usually present at a later age and its main cause is various conditions that can affect the uterus and other organs of the reproductive system, such as uterine fibroids or endometriosis.

It is quite common for the intensity of this menstrual pain to increase over time and it can occur days before your period and last for days after your period ends.

Yoga as an alternative to relieve menstrual cramps


The different postures that exist in yoga are capable of providing improvement for various discomforts or conditions of the body.

And although there are specialists who do not recommend that women do certain physical activities when they are in their menstrual period, this is not entirely true since in the case of yoga there is no problem in practicing it and having a menstrual period is not an impediment, it is just a matter of trying not to perform some very complicated asanas which are usually the inverse ones.

The fundamental thing is that while the woman is in the yoga session, she should focus much of her attention on how she feels and the symptoms she may have, and in case she needs it because she does not feel well, she should determine if it is a position in itself that causes her some discomfort and suspend the yoga session.

If you feel any discomfort in your pelvis or lower back, it’s best to sit, lie down or stand (whichever is easier for you depending on the position you’re in) until the symptoms pass.

It’s essential that you listen to what your body is trying to tell you, as this will be your guide in determining what you can and cannot do in each yoga session while you have your period.

When a woman has her period, it is suggested that she perform asanas that do not cause any interference with the flow of menstruation and do not cause her to expend too much energy as during these days the body is usually weaker and there is less iron available.

The aim of all this is to get rid of menstrual cramps, so that you don’t feel discomfort in your lower abdomen and can fill up with strength on the days of your period, as these are known to be very stressful days where too many changes in hormones are present.

Yoga postures to relieve menstrual cramps

Menstrual Cramps but no period

Upavistha Konasana


You will have to sit on the floor, opening your legs as much as possible. Then put a blanket or cushion in front of you and lean your back forward until you touch your front to the blanket or cushion you placed there. Finally, stretch your arms out in front of you.



Sit on a mat, then you will have to stretch each of your legs forward. Then tilt your torso forward to try and touch the tips of your feet with your hands, don’t worry if you don’t manage to touch the tips of your feet at first as this is something that is achieved with practice time.



It’s a fairly simple but very effective position that will make you relax and open up your hips a bit. Just sit on the floor, cross your legs and put your feet below your knees, keep your head and body straight.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana


Lie on your back on a mat, then bend your knees until your feet touch the ground. Your arms should be placed at the sides of your body.

Menstrual Cramps meaning

Then proceed to raise your pelvis upwards while leaning on your shoulders and neck. You should slowly raise and lower your pelvis, being very careful.

Janu Sirsasana


For this asana you can make use of a support, either a blanket or a cushion. To perform this yoga pose you must sit down stretching one leg forward and the other leg bending until your heel touches your buttocks.

Bend your torso forward while stretching your arms. Try to touch the tips of your feet with your hands. Hold this position for two minutes and then repeat the procedure with the opposite leg.


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