Postures to take care of the pelvis health

3 Ideal Yoga Postures for Pelvic Health Care

Caring for the pelvic health is an area of anatomy that is located in the lower part of the trunk. It is made up of the pelvic connection bones and the sac. It can be said that the pelvis is similar to a kind of ring of bones and is the cavity where some internal organs are found.

Also, together with the pelvic bones, the torso connects with the legs. The pelvis is divided into the large pelvis and the small pelvis; the first is made up of the sacral bone, a portion of the pubic branch and iliac fossa, while the small is formed by the bones that you subtract from the sacrum and coccyx, ischiopubic branches and pubic body.

Similarly, the shape of the pelvis depends on the sex of the person, so in women the pelvis tends to be wider and lower, and the sacrum is shorter and wider than that of men.

There are many people, mostly women, who have problems or discomfort in the pelvic area, and this is usually because they have such a weak area, either because they were injured, because they do little physical activity or because of pregnancy.

  Ananda Balasana for Pelvic Health solutions

However, such problems can be treated with the practice of yoga, since there are many beneficial postures for the pelvic area, the best thing is that they are very easy to perform postures and that it will not take long to notice positive results, as long as the practice of this discipline is carried out regularly.

Pelvic classification


From a medical perspective, the pelvis can be classified into different types depending on the structure it has. Therefore, it is said that the types of pelvis are:

  • Android pelvis: This is the typical pelvic structure of men, although it is sometimes possible for women to have them, especially white ones. It should be noted that these pelvis are not advantageous when having a natural childbirth.


  • Gynecological pelvis: It is the most advantageous for women who give birth by normal childbirth as they are characterized by being broad and rounded, becoming a little elliptical.


  • Anthropoid pelvis: Its structure is very similar to that of the gynecological pelvis, with the difference that this has a rotation of 90 °, which means that its shape is like an oval or an ellipse, and is the most common pelvis in people, specifically black women.


Tips for Keeping Your Pelvic Health with Yoga


Maintaining pelvic health is of great importance, however to do so you have to be aware of some factors and that if you have any of these best is to go to a doctor. Among these factors we can find:

  • Six months or less ago you had surgery in the pelvic area, in this case you should first consult with your treating doctor to authorize you and indicate whether or not you can practice yoga.


  • First you must start with soft postures and that the repetitions of each one do not exceed the 3 repetitions. As you adapt to these postures, you will be able to increase the repetitions, but that increases gradually.


  • Don’t rush, there is no pressure in the realization of each posture; the only thing you will achieve by rush is to increase the possibility of suffering an injury.


  • It is important that each asana you perform is done in comfort and that you do not feel any discomfort. In the event that you find any posture uncomfortable, then it is recommended that you reduce the intensity of the posture.


Generally speaking, yoga postures to contribute to pelvic health are very easy to perform, and it is recommended that you do a series of each posture on a daily basis.

Tips for Keeping Your Pelvic Health phisical therapy

This is even more recommended if you are not physically active or if you have a lot of physical inactivity or if you have any discomfort in your pelvis. Then with the passage of time you will be able to experiment with other postures.

Postures to take care of the pelvic health

The mountain


It is one of the most effective when it comes to preserving the pelvic health, due to its simplicity and that you can do several repetitions of these daily. With the accomplishment of this asana you will be able to notice improvements in only a few weeks.

In addition this posture is suggested to optimize your posture, reduce back pain and be more elastic. It is even an excellent way to relax your muscles. For its realization you will have to:

  • Place your skin with your back completely straight, your head should be a little raised and stretching your neck, without over-exerting yourself.


  • Breathe deeply, bringing your legs together, and your feet should press against each other.


  • You have to relax your body completely and slowly separate your fingers, then repeat the procedure again to join your legs and release pressure.


  • Then you have to distribute your weight evenly between the two legs and make pressure in your belly, then lift slowly.


  • Your arms should extend to your sides and keep the palms of your hands on your thighs, your fingers together with the objective that they point down and stretch your back. Hold that position for 30 seconds and do 3 repetitions.

Upavistha Konasana


It is a very popular and well-known posture, and this is due to its effectiveness for the pelvic health, and that you will notice improvements from the first moment you carry it out. To perform it you must:

  • Sit with your back straight, spread your legs apart at a considerable distance, in fact as far as possible.


  • After you are in such a position, keep your back straight and bend forward trying to touch the ground with your forehead.


  • To finish you have to touch your toes with your hands and keep it for about 2 minutes, then with practice you must increase that time.

Postures to take care of the pelvis health physiotherapy

Ananda Balasana


Also known as the posture of the baby and is very useful to increase the flexibility of the hips and preserve the health of the pelvis, especially if you have a chronic problem in them. The process to carry out this posture is as follows:

  • You have to lie on your back, raise your legs so that your knees touch your chest.


  • Then, grab your toes and stretch your legs until they are upright in the air.


  • It is not necessary for your knees to stretch completely, so you can bend them minimally so that they do not feel pain while you breathe.


  • The duration of this asana is suggested to be between the 5 breaths.


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