Most Common Yoga Errors

5 Common Yoga Errors You Don’t Know

Yoga errors you don’t know, Yoga is one of the most practiced disciplines in the last decade, especially in Western countries. However, the beginnings of yoga go back hundreds of years, and according to various researches the promoters of this physical activity were the Indians and Pakistanis.

And although yoga is very popular today, not everyone knows how to practice it correctly, so it is very common to see people who make certain mistakes in the execution of various asanas or postures.

It is important to keep in mind that when you start practicing yoga may be a little complicated, but it is only a matter of practice to make it easy for you to perform this discipline because there are many asanas, which can be adapted to both your physical capacity and your age.

Yoga is an incredible way to develop yourself in different fields, especially in the personal sphere; and it is almost immediately that you begin to practice it that your body and mind are deeply introduced into this discipline.

Common Yoga Errors

Also, so that you can get the most out of your yoga classes is essential that you do not make mistakes that are very frequent in the practice of this ancient activity.

Yoga errors should be avoided

Practicing yoga is very advantageous because you don’t need many materials, you just need a mat that won’t slip, a blanket you can cover yourself with and clothes that make you feel comfortable.

In addition, to be able to practice optimally you must become aware of your body, and you achieve this with the performance of asanas, so it is suggested that in each yoga session you start with the simplest postures that do not require much effort and gradually you go execute postures of greater difficulty, because this way you will be able to pay more attention in the beginning to the way in which you breathe, which is transcendental in the practice of yoga.

It is recommended that if you are new to the practice of yoga, begin by taking yoga classes with a teacher who can guide, advise and correct the way you perform each posture. In the same way, this person can determine which postures are the most convenient for you and which ones you should not perform to avoid some injuries on a physical level.

So, whether you practice yoga in a specialized center or from the comfort of your own home, having a voice to guide you in the practice of this discipline is very advantageous because this way you can perform the asanas in a certain order and with a sequence that will allow you to reach the objective you want, and it is also much easier to focus your attention on your breathing.

Tips for practicing yoga correctly

  • Don’t rush: In yoga, the least you should be in a hurry is a discipline in which you should be very patient and slow, because this way you will be able to know your body better and that it responds adequately to the realization of each asana, and of course the postures have a specific period of time in which they should be performed.
  • Concentrate only on the practice of yoga: It is very common for people to become quickly deconcentrated or not to be able to place their mind in a blank to focus only on yoga. But this is also a matter of practice, and this is done through breathing; you will only have to concentrate solely and exclusively on the way in which you breathe and this will facilitate the process.

Graphql Common Yoga Errors

  • Breathing is the most important thing: Breathing in yoga is essential so that you can concentrate and put aside the rest of your thoughts. Try to breathe only through the nose and at a steady pace that is paused, also have to complement it with movements to exhale or inhale which will depend largely on each asana you perform.
  • Do not start with asanas that require a lot of effort: Starting each yoga session abruptly is not recommended at all, since the ideal is that you start with simple postures and little effort to get your body accustomed gradually and then if you can carry out correctly the execution of more complicated asanas.

The most common yoga errors in the practice of the activity

Do not preheat

Prior to a yoga session it is crucial that you warm up, just as you do before practicing any sport.

However, there are many people who avoid the warm-up part before beginning the practice of yoga because they think that yoga is not a physical activity in itself, and in that they are totally wrong because warming up previously is important and necessary because it avoids injuries and tears.

Use a lot of strength

If you practice yoga errors with too much effort, the only thing you will get is stress both physically and mentally, and this is the opposite of what you want to achieve with the practice of this discipline.

Feeling stressed in yoga does not benefit you in any way and only complicates the performance of the asanas.

Compare your progress with that of others

Today’s society usually competes in different areas of life, is something to which people are accustomed to what they want to stand out before others.

However, in yoga this is not so, it is not a competitive discipline and each person performs in the same in a different way.

Also, yoga classes are made up of quite a few people and each is at different levels of experience, so it’s not a concern that you perform more or less than others.

How to Avoid Yoga challege Errors

Not doing the final relaxation

Yoga sessions should end with a relaxation exercise, so that your body and mind can rest and relax, and it is even a time you can use for meditation.

This exercise should last approximately 15 minutes, however many people finish the yoga practice without doing it.

The importance of this final relaxation should not be underestimated, as it releases tensions and calms you down.

Spending too much time on yoga

Another big mistake that people often make is to practice yoga in very long sessions, but doing a lot of yoga can also be harmful to health, especially muscles.

Therefore, the ideal is that you progress gradually, do not abuse the yoga sessions in order to get the results you expect more quickly. To go calm in each session of this activity is the recommended thing.


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