Anusara Yoga benefits

All you need to know about Anusara Yoga?

Today’s society makes people move further and further away from their union with the universe and the earth, and it is certainly important that this 29link be strengthened.

For this, the main thing is that the person wants to live healthily, and for this to be possible it is not only enough to do exercises for the body; for this reason, yoga is one of the disciplines that is most recommended for this type of case, given that it allows the mind and spirit to be balanced and also brings benefits to the body.

Among the different types of yoga that exist, on this occasion we will emphasize Anusara Yoga, which is a yoga modality that has the classic principles of the asanas or postures of Hatha Yoga; that is to say, it is like a variation of Hatha Yoga.

Anusara Yoga is composed of the philosophy of Red Tantra, and also contains principles from other styles of yoga. This yoga school was established in 1997 by John Friend.

Anusara Yoga focuses on the universal principles of alignment that are based on postures that open the heart, thus providing the spiritual and meditative benefits of Hatha Yoga.

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Anusara is a Sanskrit word from the Kularnava Tantra meaning ‘to flow with grace’, ‘to follow the heart’. From a community point of view, this school of yoga has a great organization, however it also emphasizes that people are free creatively and that they are individual beings.

The philosophy of Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga has a philosophy that is naturally Tantric. In this case, when the universe manifests, it is perceived through the senses and the mind, and is seen as an expression of divinity, which would be a blessing.

All that exists is supreme consciousness; there is absolutely nothing that is not supreme consciousness. Each person is as divine as the others, in mind, body and spirit.

Each individual, therefore, considers himself to be good, thus accepting every defect that he may have; furthermore, he accepts the universe as it is and gives answers full of much love. This means that the heart is open with love for the present and without pressure.

Benefits of Anusara Yoga

The benefits of Anusara Yoga are very similar to those of classical yoga, the only difference being in the perspective of life. Therefore, among the benefits that stand out the most are

– Reduces stress: With the practice of Anusara Yoga you can increase the amount of endorphins in your body, which leads to a much calmer life.

– Increases your flexibility: As with Hatha Yoga, Anusara Yoga is excellent for increasing the flexibility of the body, tissues and muscles. This also leads to improvements in the lymphatic system and the circulatory system.

– Improve your sex life: Because this type of yoga is governed by Tantric philosophy, it is also directly related to sex. Practicing Anusara Yoga helps to have improvements in the sex life, making it easier to reach orgasm in women, makes men more resistant and also increases the libido of both genders.

– It changes your perspective: Yoga is very effective in making changes in the way things are perceived, making a person more open to acceptance and enjoying every situation they live in and the environment around them.

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– Connects you to divine consciousness: By practicing Anusara Yoga you become a believer in Tantric philosophy, which makes you feel good about yourself because you participate in the universal flow of divine consciousness.

The Anusara Yoga asanas

The postures used in Anusara Yoga are focused on opening the heart and are expressed from the centre outwards.

They do not attempt to maintain control over the body and mind externally, but originate coherently from the inner connection.

The asanas that are performed in an Anusara Yoga session are similar to those of Hatha Yoga, only in this case we try not to do positions where the person has to force himself too much because this way the internal harmony is maintained.

Among the postures that are performed most often in this form of yoga are

1) Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog): This is a very frequent posture in Anusara Yoga, in fact it is fundamental in this modality.

It is generally used at the beginning of a yoga session as it allows for relaxation of the mind and better blood flow. The person to perform this asana is placed face down, raising the coccyx until the body has a pyramid shape.

Anusara Yoga benefits

The benefits of this asana are that it improves the condition of the abdominal muscles, the hamstrings and also optimizes the digestion process.

2) Bakasana (the crane): This is a very difficult asana to carry out because the person carrying it out has to balance while suspending his body on his hands and at the same time the body is retracted, thus leaving the spine completely upwards.

This posture is very beneficial for coordination and balance.

3) Anjaneyasana (the crescent moon): This posture is based on you bending one knee and leaving your foot completely stretched out while touching the floor with your tibia and at the same time arching your spine by stretching your hands.

This posture is excellent for strengthening the ankles and legs and optimizes the functioning of the digestive system.

However, in the Anusara Yoga sessions many asanas can be performed, but the important thing is that the ones mentioned above will always be present.


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