Kundalini Yoga benefits

Kundalini Yoga: Know its Great Benefits

Kundalini Yoga is one of the oldest branches of this discipline. In its beginnings its practice could only be done by people of high rank like kings, and also for the most expert practitioners of yoga, so the amount of practitioners was very limited.

This type of yoga began to gain popularity because the results that it offers can be obtained of a very fast form. However, in 1969 Kundalini Yoga stopped being reserved for a certain public and began to expand all over the world.

Kundalini Yoga is generally associated with thought, the term ‘Kundalini’ is defined as the energy that lies dormant at the root of the spine.

The purpose of the practice of this discipline is to enliven this energy, which is considered to be a kind of animal that is in a state of rest. When this animal manages to awaken, the person will be able to release this great power that is stored inside, this is possible because through the realization of the different asanas a deep connection with the spiritual, mental and physical self is achieved.

A type of yoga that stands out


Kundalini Yoga is a highly recommended modality for anyone who wants to meditate and manage to optimize the level of consciousness. This means that the only objective of this type of yoga is not focused on the physical, so you will not get great results in toning or slimming.

 Kundalini Yoga frog pose

Likewise, it is one of the yogas that still keeps its essence in a pure state, it can be considered as the basis of all yogas because of how powerful it is.

Something very characteristic of Kundalini Yoga is that it stands out from other types of yoga because of how different it can be in various aspects. Generally, yoga is based mainly on the performance of different asanas with the body, combining them with breathing and meditation.

On the other hand, Kundalini yoga, although it also gives importance to the postures, focuses more on the way of breathing, singing and releasing all that energy that each person has accumulated inside.

Breathing in Kundalini Yoga


In yoga in general, breathing plays a transcendental role. One must have a knowledge of how to inhale and exhale in the correct way so that one can regularize the state of mind, diminish stress, have control over the emotions and concentrate.

At the same time, breathing properly during the practice can bring peace, calm and health benefits, and you will also feel prepared to face moments of great tension.

In the case of Kundalini Yoga, breathing should be done following these steps: when you inhale you should bring your abdomen outwards and when you exhale your abdomen is brought inwards. The area that should be filled with air first is the lower abdomen, followed by the middle part until it reaches the lungs.

When you are going to exhale you must do it in reverse, which means that first it will be the chest, then the middle part of the abdomen until it ends in the lower part of the same.

With this way of breathing, incredible results can be obtained quite quickly, since it stimulates the digestive process, the circulation of the liver and contributes to relaxation. If a person is able to control his breathing, he will be able to perceive the world better and understand his mind better.

Who is suitable to practice Kundalini Yoga?


The asanas of Kundalini Yoga are very varied, there are some that do not need much effort, as well as those that need a lot of effort to perform them.

Kundalini Yoga for beginners

With the realization of each posture you will be able to deepen your way of breathing and meditating, which will vary according to the type of asana.

Therefore, both people with a lot of experience in the world of yoga and those who are just starting out in it are suitable for practicing this great discipline, and will be able to find the postures with the appropriate difficulty that will suit each person.

It should be noted that all the postures, regardless of their difficulty, are very effective.

If you have already experimented with other types of yoga, it is time for you to try Kundalini Yoga, so that you can go beyond the physical and go deeper into the different planes of your self.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga classes are divided into the following phases:

– Warming up: This is the first thing you do, here you condition your body for the movements you will have to make.

– Chanting Adi Mantra: It is sung to unite in a spiritual way people who practice yoga in all parts of the world.

– Kriya: It is a set of exercises at a physical level where different parts of the body intervene in order to achieve certain results both physically and mentally.

– Relaxing: At this stage your body will assimilate the modifications obtained by the kriya.

– Meditate: Contributes to prepare you to face the obstacles of life.

– Song of the Eternal Sun: Sung to bless the completion of the practice.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

– It decreases the chance of muscle atrophy, strengthens the tissues and makes you feel rejuvenated, renewed.

Kundalini Yoga near me

– It strengthens your nervous system so that it is much easier for you to face all the challenges that may arise in your life.

– It gives you a purified and strengthened immune system, so you are less likely to get sick.

– It stimulates all your tissues and organs, making it possible for blood to circulate more efficiently throughout your body.

– It eliminates all impurities found in your body, specifically those found in your tissues and joints.

– You will feel more alive both physically and mentally, thus obtaining a sense of well-being and tranquility.


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