Yoga Asanas in telugu

Do you want to learn the 4 basic yoga asanas?

The basic asanas of yoga are undoubtedly a practice that allows a symmetrical union between the body and the mind of people. In fact the meaning of the word yoga itself is ‘union’, as well as one of the oldest disciplines in India.

The basic asanas of yoga not only provide physical peace but also mental peace, making it a discipline that stands out on a large scale.

Yoga is able to relax and release any negative energy a person may have, and this is one of the main reasons that motivate people to practice it.

Likewise, another reason that motivates people to practice it is that it can help them fight against psychological disorders such as insomnia, anxiety and stress, emphasizing the latter since it has been proven that when basic yoga asanas are practiced the body decreases the levels of cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for stress, thus allowing people to relax properly.

And it is not only about stress, but with the basic yoga asanas it is also possible to optimize the capacity of concentration, since when it is performed it allows the person to completely disconnect from his environment, and this is very beneficial.

In general words, yoga can provide you with incredible benefits if you practice it, such as better coordination, optimizing your flexibility and stability, making this a discipline that is difficult to refuse.

Yoga Asanas in hindi

If you have a very busy life with little free time available, don’t think that you can’t practice basic yoga asanas, since for that it is not necessary to go to class, but it is also possible to practice it from the comfort of your home; since there are many asanas that are simple enough to perform that you will be able to do without any difficulty.

And most important of all, is that the basic practice of yoga asanas is suitable for all ages, so it does not matter if the age is 5 years or 70 years, everyone is qualified for its practice.

This is because the basic yoga asanas must be performed slowly, keeping in mind the ability to concentrate and coordinate the postures with the breath and consciousness.

What are the basic yoga asanas?

The word asana can be simply translated as posture. Therefore, each posture that is performed in yoga is called an asana. And the asanas make the union of body and mind possible because they allow the establishment of a kind of deep dialogue with one’s own body and also make the exploration and acceptance of the physical environment possible.

In addition, the basic yoga asanas facilitate the understanding of how the body works and the different ways to stimulate it in order to maintain a balance and symmetry.

In this way, as it brings harmony between body and soul, it also brings both physical and mental health.

Keep in mind that yoga postures go beyond the visible, not only stretching to tone the body, but asanas are a door to the stabilization of the body’s energies and psychic centers.

The basics of basic yoga asanas

It is important to keep in mind that yoga asanas are not about a particular goal, but rather should be seen as a way to reach through concentration both mental and physical tranquility and peace.

Therefore, each asana that is performed must have a reason to pay attention to a certain part of the body, in order to learn how the body and the mind work together and how they evolve as the different asanas are performed.

In the past, two factors were described that are transcendental when practicing yoga, which are the sthira and sukkha.

Sthira refers to being firm and alert, while sukkha means the ability to remain comfortable while performing an asana.

Yoga Asanas in telugu

When the different postures are being performed, people who are watching the yoga practitioners cannot see beyond the physical ones, therefore they cannot know the way in which the breath is breathed and the way in which the breath works together with the movements, and most transcendental of all, they cannot notice how the person perceives the breath.

Therefore, when one breathes it is possible to remain alert and provide us with information about how comfortable an asana can be, hence the crucial importance of breathing in the basic asanas of yoga.

The main basic yoga asanas

  1. The cobra: Stand upside down, bring your legs together and stretch them out with your arms bent and your hands at shoulder level. Raise your legs keeping them attached to the ground while at the same time holding your arms and lowering your shoulders, then raise your chin.

You should stay in this position for thirty seconds, and then take a break from lying on your stomach. Then you repeat the procedure.

  1. The tree: You should stand with your legs straight and your palms above your head, bending your elbows.

Lift one of your legs and rest the sole of that leg on your opposite thigh. Hold this asana for 30 seconds and follow the same steps with the remaining leg.

  1. The dog on its stomach: First you must be skinned and lean forward until you can rest your hands on the floor, keeping them at a distance similar to that of your shoulders.

Yoga Asanas for kids

Then you should form a triangle with your legs and arms. Then tilt your head underneath so that you are facing the floor. You have to maintain this position for twenty seconds while you control your breathing.

  1. The Eagle: Start by standing, bend your legs and lean to your left. Then cross your right leg over the other so that the ankle of your right foot touches the left twin. Then bend your elbow to the right and bring your hands together at face level. Hold this asana for thirty seconds and repeat the process with the other leg.


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