Benefits of Yoga and meditation

Do you know the 4 Psychological Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga and psychology, are two branches whose main objective is to achieve the welfare of the person and also feel fulfilled humanly, and this is possible by finding the point of integration where the person is able to define his true identity with the psychological benefits of yoga.

Yoga is a very old discipline, which makes the person who practices it work both his physical and his mind, it has expanded around the world and the main reason for this is that yoga brings a lot of benefits, including a good state of mental health, excellent physical shape and spiritual welfare.

This means that this practice of thousands of years, with the passing of the years was demonstrating that it is capable of optimizing the quality of life of each person, and best of all is that not only does it in terms of the physical, but also does it with the mind and spirit hence the psychological benefits of yoga.

Psychology and its relationship to yoga

One of the most ancient psychologies is that of yoga, which is fundamentally based on the practice to achieve the liberation of the interior of the person.

Benefits of Yoga asanas

Therefore, it is not a psychology that is based on the academic field, but it goes more towards the lived, the experienced, besides that it is very deep because with it not only can be known the unexplored elements of human psychology

Therefore, it is also about purifying the subconscious and leaving aside the typical pressures, problems and confusions that can be found in the mind.

Every person who practices yoga, little by little will learn how to move through the different surfaces and layers of his mind, this with the aim of determining what are their internal limitations and thus eradicate and overcome them, thus facilitating the exploration and transformation of their inner self.

The person with yoga is acquiring knowledge to look and know about their mental states, reactions and intentions. In this way the consciousness can be enlarged and the capacity of attention can be improved.

With yoga one can investigate everything that makes up the interior of the person in order to increase wisdom through direct and non-conceptual experiences.

By practicing yoga, one is facing different aspects that conform to the subconscious and all those conditions that limit the person internally; and that is when yoga takes effect since it makes possible the elimination of such conditions so that the person will have more freedom and lucidity.

In fact, psychology defines a dysfunctional person in the same way that yoga does, since they establish that the person is a being that has no maturity and constantly deceives himself, thus moving away from the true reality and preventing him from deeply satisfying his primary needs and all this is a product of attachment to the ego which makes him anchor in a fantasy world where he demands too much, does not receive true satisfaction and where pride reigns with great intensity.

How do meditation influence the psychological benefits of yoga?

The fact of meditating, can be considered as a surgical intervention at a mental level with the aim of organizing the mind in a wiser way to achieve harmony in it.

Benefits of Yoga nidra

Consequently, the various techniques that exist in yoga, allow to alert the consciousness, purify the perception, and leave aside the automation of the person and thus eliminate any limit that has from there the benefits.

The individual through the practice of yoga will be able to develop his consciousness and clean his subconscious to expand all knowledge of yoga or integral vision that he has and this is possible because the person will not be under the subjection of a perception that is far from reality and all the elements that are not in order and that condition the subconscious.

For these reasons is that many psychologists worldwide suggest their patients to practice yoga, even many of them also practice it and more and more professionals are integrating to the yogi world because they realize that with yoga they can center their inner self allowing them to live in a balanced way in a society where there is so much disorder.

Therefore, yoga is a natural treatment with which you can deal with common problems that are usually lived on a daily basis.

Psychological benefits of yoga

1) Increases the ability to concentrate: The practice of yoga allows to improve on a large scale the ability to concentrate, coordinate, memory, learning and even optimizes the speed with which you react and also significantly improves decision-making for problem solving.

2) Improves mood: Yoga increases levels of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter whose functions include the regulation of mood, therefore people who have a deficit of serotonin are more likely to become depressed and develop obsession.

But with the frequent practice of yoga it is possible to increase considerably the amount of serotonin in the body, which makes this discipline an ideal treatment for those suffering from depression or anxiety.

3) It optimizes the quality of the dream: In this case, also the serotonin is involved, since the same one in addition to taking care of the regulation of the state of mind, also can regulate the appetite and increase the amount of melatonin that takes place, which is a hormone in charge of the control of the cycles of the dream.

Benefits of Yoga and meditation

In order for a person to rest properly, there must be a correct level of melatonin, and therefore yoga is an excellent option for increasing such levels that the body needs.

4) It diminishes stress: Nowadays it is quite frequent that people live stressed since in the style of life that is had at the present time the continuous hustle and bustle is present, and to be stressed so frequently can carry negative consequences for the people, among them to become depressed or to be anxious.

However, yoga can counteract stress by lowering levels of cortisol, the hormone that causes stress.

It should be noted that this hormone is of great importance to the body because it performs functions such as regulation and mobilization of the body’s energy when it is stressed, but can also lead to other effects when it is produced when it is not.


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