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Learn about the 8 wonderful benefits of Bikram Yoga

The practitioners of yoga are more and more, and among its types, Bikram Yoga has become one of the most preferred by people, because it is very peculiar and stands out from the others, mainly because of the 26 postures for which it is formed and the environmental conditions in which it is practiced.

Over the years, yoga has become one of the favorite practices of a large percentage of people to relax and feel good with their body, and yoga has also developed different ways to practice it.

Bikram Yoga is a derivative of Hatha Yoga, which manifested itself in the 1970’s, and its great proponent was Bikram Choudhury.

The idea of its proponent in developing this type of yoga, was manifested because Bikram was the victim of an accident that severely damaged his knee.

However, he managed to recover completely after returning to yoga.

Hatha Yoga focuses on uniting the individual with the universal through mastery of the body, making it easier to meditate afterwards. As a branch of Bikram Yoga, it focuses on mastery of the body in the same way.

Who can practice Bikram Yoga?


Bikram Yoga can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, from children to the elderly, and it is never too late to start practicing it because whether or not you are an expert in yoga is not relevant.

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However, most of its practitioners are those who are looking to lose weight.

However, it should be noted that to carry out this practice you must perform 26 different postures in a room that must be air-conditioned, therefore it requires certain physical requirements and be tolerant of high temperatures.

If you are a person who gets dehydrated easily then it is not the ideal type of yoga for you, since when practicing it is not allowed to ingest water or hydrate in any way until the session is over.

One of the main reasons why you are not allowed to drink liquids when you are doing Bikram Yoga is because they believe that this way you can enhance the results you will get.

The main characteristics of Bikram Yoga


To be able to practice this type of yoga properly, the room where the classes are given must have these characteristics:

*It must be held at a temperature of 40° and with 40% humidity. There is a minimum possibility that the temperature varies depending on the humidity in the room.

*It is mandatory to use yoga mats.

*It is essential that there are mirrors in the room. At least one on the front wall of those who practice it, although ideally there should be 3.

*The yoga instructors must be professionals in the area and even have a certificate to confirm it.

*You can only do the only class that exists in this modality of yoga, which consists of 26 postures and 2 breaths.

*It is not allowed to give special classes for children or pregnant women.

*Candles, music and even silence are not allowed.

*Classes must last 90 minutes, no more and no less.

*Most postures must be clear in the room, except for the last posture performed.

*Although in several types of yoga it is considered normal to applaud at the end of the session, in Bikram Yoga it is not allowed.

The benefits of Bikram Yoga for your body and mind


Enjoying a healthy body is one of the most outstanding benefits of Bikram Yoga.

But there are also many other benefits that it can bring you thanks to the environmental conditions in which it must be practiced and its postures:

It is very effective for losing weight.


In a single practice of this type of yoga it is possible to burn a large amount of calories, and this is not only due to the simple fact that it is practiced at high temperatures, but because the postures to be performed require a certain physical effort.

Contributes to better posture and balance of your body


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The positions that you adopt in this practice are excellent and beneficial especially for those people who suffer from back disorders or other similar problems, so the practice is highly recommended.

Bikram Yoga and its toxin-releasing effect


Bikram Yoga provides a release of toxins from the skin and the body in general, which is generated as a result of the heat in which it is practiced. Therefore it is a very good option to cleanse your body naturally, getting rid of any impurities you have. In this sense, it is very similar to a sauna.

Recommended to avoid circulatory problems


It is highly recommended for those who have circulatory and/or resistance problems as it is able to oxygenate the blood, improving the circulation of blood through the body and making you able to endure longer periods of time when doing physical activity.

It is very useful for body toning


Bikram Yoga can even tone areas of the body that may be very difficult to achieve, such as the abdomen. However, this is only possible if it is practiced constantly.

It significantly reduces stress and anxiety levels.


It is known that all physical activity is a good option for these problems, however, Bikram Yoga is one of the best when it comes to relaxation, because when practicing it your mind and body should be at peace.

It optimizes the digestive process

Bikram Yoga spain

Bikram Yoga optimizes the digestive process and at the same time metabolizes fatty acids and blood sugar more easily, thus reducing the possibility of suffering from constipation and gas. It is a great activity for all those who have problems with digestion.

Great fat burning


From the first practice of Bikram Yoga you can burn fat, this is one of the benefits preferred by people, this is achieved thanks to the high temperatures where it is practiced, which makes the metabolism is enhanced and therefore some of the fat you have accumulated in the body will be distributed better and the rest will be consumed as energy.


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