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6 Warm-up Exercises for Yoga

Warming up before any physical activity is essential, in fact it should always take place before each exercises for yoga session.

Yoga is no exception to this, therefore it is suggested that before the practice of Yoga a warm-up be done, although generally its practitioners do not.

It is known that most of the Yoga asanas are performed without the need for many movements, however it is convenient to warm up at the beginning, as this will have a better ability to move the joints.

In addition to contributing to the warming up of joints and muscles, it is ideal to avoid injuries. Even warm-up can be considered as a type of exercise because it exercises the joints.


The level of difficulty of exercises for yoga can be adapted and perfected according to the capabilities of each person, so there will be positions for those who are just beginning in this world and there will also be for those who already have extensive experience, so the physical requirements will be different.

However, as with any discipline that requires physical effort, a previous warm-up is required to allow the body to be exercised without deteriorating it while the practice of Yoga is being carried out.

Benefits of Yoga for Exercises ball

In Yoga, different postures are performed where a physical effort is needed to stretch certain parts of the body.

Just as there are physical activities that exercise muscles, Yoga focuses on working the joints and tendons, which makes it so important to warm the body before.

It is normal for people to consider that Yoga, being a low intensity physical activity, does not require any type of previous warming and therefore they ignore this procedure.

However, this is something that should not be done because of how harmful it can be. Not only is it about warming up to prevent injury, but it also stimulates the motor capacity of the joints and relaxation of the muscles.

How pre-warming is made up

The performance of certain exercises and movement in a gentle way and prior to the performance of any physical activity for the body to be conditioned and adapted to the physical effort that requires such activity, is considered as warming.

Therefore, when it comes to warming up the body before exercising, the following activities should be performed:

  • Exercise the movement of the joints so that they are acclimated to the main exercise session.
  • Make movements that elevate the heart’s pulse so that the cardiovascular system is prepared.
  • Stretching with little effort but for long periods of time so that the muscles, ligaments and tissues are adapted.
  • Movements related to the activity to be carried out so that both the neurological part and the muscles work together effectively.

Care with exercises for yoga mat

Warming benefits exercises for yoga

The previous warming up is not only done to avoid the suffering of injuries during the training or the accomplishment of the physical activity, since there are several benefits that can be obtained through the same one, which will be of great utility at the time of exercising:

  • It increases progressively the temperature of the body.
  • It increases the cardiac rhythm in a gradual way.
  • Muscles are oxygenated prior to physical activity. The oxygen is transcendental at the time of making some physical effort since it is like the fuel of the muscles.
  • If the muscles are not properly oxygenated, they will not be able to perform properly and it is very probable that the person will tire more quickly.
  • The muscles and joints are lubricated in such a way that it simplifies the execution of the movements, making less effort necessary to make some movement and at the same time preventing any deterioration of the joints.
  • Advices for the previous moment of the Yoga session
  • The most important thing is to have control over the breathing and that it is carried out smoothly and in a balanced way.
  • Nor should you stay longer than your body tolerates in a single posture.
  • Make sure that the place where you practice is a quiet environment and where there will be no interruptions.
  • Do it in a spacious place where you can move without problems.
  • Do not use telephones, TV or any other electronic device that may distract you.
  • You can make the environment more suitable by using mild smelling scents or fragrances.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that don’t fit.
  • Do not eat heavy food before practicing Yoga.

Pre-warm-up exercises for Yoga

It is crucial to warm up before the Yoga session so that the various postures can be carried out without any problems.

For this there are different types of pre-heating postures to adapt to the muscles:

  1. Warm up the feet and ankles: Make a kind of circle with each foot.

Then extend the tip of the foot and heel alternately. Finally, move each foot from right to left and vice versa.

  1. Warm up the legs: Stand on one foot, then the other.

Bend your knees slightly and stand slowly (do several repetitions).

  1. Warm up your back and arms: Make circular movements with your arms. Raise and lower your shoulders.

Make forward and backward movements with your neck as well as sideways. Make circular movements with your head.

  1. The bicycle: Lie on your back and bend your knees towards your chest.

Then press your back down and start pedaling with your legs slowly, as if you were riding a bicycle.

Do this by alternating the direction of movement.

Better exercises for yoga wheel

  1. The tree: Stand with your legs a little apart.

Then you should inhale and raise your right arm to your ear and the palm of your hand should point to the left side.

Then exhale the air and turn a little to the left using your waist.

For optimal stretching, turn the left knee equally.

Then repeat the procedure on the opposite side.

  1. Circumferential twist: Stand so that your feet are separated beyond the width of your shoulders and both are pointing forward.

Then you must inhale and raise your arms to shoulder level.

Then exhale and turn gently to the right.

Place your left hand over your right shoulder, and your right arm behind your back making the hand of that arm close to the left hip.

Finally inhale as you turn your body back to the starting position.

Repeat the procedure to the opposite side.



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