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3 Yoga Exercises to Rejuvenate Your Body Effectively

To have a long and healthy life is the dream of all people, and if this is analysed from the point of view of yoga exercises to rejuvenate, it must be based on detachment from the existence of the mortal; moreover, many consider that prolonging the life span is possible with the practice of yoga, which is quite credible.

Nowadays there are many modalities of yoga for rejuvenation, but in the west the most known are Vinyasa Yoga and Iyengar Yoga, which were founded by two people who had the same teacher called Krishnamachrya, who died when he was 101 years old, that is to say, he was very long-lived. His students also lived a long life, living for more than 90 years.

Therefore, it is possible to live a long life with the practice of yoga for rejuvenation and of course by adopting some healthy habits to complement it. Likewise, it is also possible to rejuvenate by practising yoga so that you can feel full of life and energetic.

In fact, yoga is one of the best alternatives you have to slow down ageing because it will both bring you wellness and benefit your health in many ways.

It doesn’t matter if you are young and you start practising yoga, because this means that your ageing process will be very healthy and you will have an excellent physical, mental and spiritual state; or if you start practising it already at an advanced age, it is also the least important, yoga is suitable for all people of all ages and it brings equal benefits to everyone.

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The effectiveness of exercises to rejuvenate yoga


It must be taken into account that yoga is very useful to slow down ageing, and if you practice it from an early age it is much better as you will be much better prepared for when you reach older adulthood, and this in various aspects such as physical and emotional.

In reality the determinant of age from a philosophical point of view of yoga, is how flexible the spine is and not the number of years that the person has in itself. Several studies have concluded that yoga is very effective in maintaining and optimising muscle strength, balance and endurance, and flexibility.

It also helps to reduce the likelihood of injury, tone the skin and correct bad posture.

From an emotional perspective, yoga for rejuvenation is an excellent option when a person is feeling stressed or anxious as it helps to alleviate these symptoms that only make us age faster than usual. Yoga also teaches people self-control, focus and positive energy.

Therefore, it is possible to rejuvenate and preserve youth with the practice of Yoga, although for this you must also adopt some habits so that the results you get are really effective, among these habits are:

– Good nutrition.

– Smile.

– Drink water in the right quantities.

– Avoid stress.

– Exercise.

– Keep a positive and optimistic mind.

– Try not to smoke or drink too much alcohol.

– Get enough sleep.

– Practice yoga regularly.


Yoga postures to exercises to rejuvenate


Here are some yoga postures that will help you rejuvenate and at the same time relieve physical and mental stress, keep you calm, strong and agile.

However, if you suffer from high blood pressure, retinal detachment, are pregnant or menstruating, it is not recommended that you perform the inverted postures.

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Downward facing dog


Stand on all fours on the floor, resting your hands on the floor with your fingers spread, parallel to and in extension of your shoulders.

Your feet should be hip-width apart and in line with your hands.

Lean on the balls of your feet and slowly bring your pelvis upwards while stretching your arms and legs.

Gradually bring your hands forward, as if you were stepping with them, so that your spine is stretched.


Back Salutation Pose


This is a great asana for toning the hands, correcting slumped shoulder posture and relaxing the neck.

To perform it, first get down on your knees, let your arms be relaxed at the sides of your body, then bring your hands together behind your back while bringing your fingertips together at the same time.

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You should press the palms of your hands together as if you were in a praying position, it is important that you raise your hands as far as possible across the spine without causing any discomfort to the spine.

In this position, you should take five deep breaths.


Bridge pose


Knowing that the spine is the determinant of age in the yogi world, all asanas that work your neck and improve your posture will make you rejuvenate, of course the bridge pose is not far behind.

To perform this posture, you have to lie down so that your head and spine are aligned. Your arms should be spread apart from your body and your legs should be opened a little, the palms of your hands should be facing upwards.

Then start to bend your knees while your feet are resting on the floor with a separation between them of approximately 30 centimetres, the soles of your feet should be as close as possible to your buttocks.

Then, holding your ankles with your hands, inhale to lift your hips and then your back off the floor. When you are lifting your hips, it is suggested that you arch your spine a little so that you can lift them more. Finally, breathe deeply while in this position for 30 seconds, then release your ankles and gently lower your hips and back to the floor.


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