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7 Incredible Physical Benefits of Yoga

With the practice there are physical benefits of Yoga. Nowadays there are many people who have a busy lifestyle in which they are forced to perform their daily tasks with a lot of pressure and speed which makes them feel stressed very often.

However, in the free time that everyone has available it is important that you dedicate it to yourself, to relax, clear your mind and momentarily disengage from all the obligations and tasks that make the person be in a hyperactive state, is a time where your attention has to be completely focused on you.

Because this way you will be able to de-stress, you will know your physical and mental needs to be able to count on the physical benefits of Yoga and a better quality of life where the main factor is health.

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If you don’t dedicate time to yourself to get out of the daily routine, all those negative states that usually predominate will control you and can bring you very serious consequences both physically and psychologically.

Why is physical benefits of Yoga?


Therefore the best option to be at peace with yourself is through the practice of Yoga, because with this discipline you can find a harmonious connection between your body, mind and spirit with which it is possible to relax and reduce all the stress you may have at the time.

Yoga is a discipline that originated thousands of years ago specifically in India, so it is a very ancient technique, approximately 5000 years.

And although it originated in India, according to various investigations it has been possible to determine that those times in other Asian countries also carried out exercises that had much similarity to Yoga.

Currently, Yoga has gained much popularity and is known worldwide. It is possible to practice them in different places, such as gymnasiums, some places specialized in health such as hospitals and clinics, even in schools dedicated entirely to yoga.

The practice and physical benefits of Yoga are mainly based on meditation and concentration through the execution of various postures that are based on stretching, flexibility and control of the mind.

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This discipline contributes to the health of various areas such as mental, spiritual and physical, but when specific reference is made to physics are excellent benefits it can offer, as it creates awareness of what your body requires and the pace of life you should implement, also gives strength to your muscles and bones, slows the aging process, increases your energy, optimizes your ability to flexibility and balance, contributes to heart health, digestive and respiratory system, and so on.

Who is suitable to practice Yoga?


Yoga is a discipline whose practice is suitable for all people, regardless of their physical capacity, emotional stability, and much less age or gender.

This is because the postures of this practice can be performed at different levels of difficulty, so they can be adapted to the capacity of each individual, the simplest levels are generally used by pregnant women, older adults and people with motor problems.

Yoga is a very healthy discipline


Yoga can be considered as one of the most complete physical activities that exist, this because to achieve positive physical benefits of Yoga for health is necessary to combine various elements which make this discipline one of the healthiest:

Breathing: Without a doubt it is one of the fundamental factors to practice Yoga, since the same one combined with the other factors produce a kind of harmony with which it is possible to prolong the resistance in the accomplishment of physical activity, besides that it simplifies the capacity to concentrate, to relax and it fills you with energy.

The compass: The compass or speed with which the Yoga postures are carried out are adequate to optimize the health of the heart, as there is a balance between intensive physical activity and relaxation thus creating a physical and mental connection.

Flexibility: When each of the Yoga asanas is performed, different parts of the body are involved, such as muscles, bones, joints and tendons, and in such a way stretches them which is good enough to keep them in good condition, unlike other practices that are just the opposite as they are performed contracting and hardening the parts of the body.

The purpose: Yoga stands out from other disciplines and sports because it is not practiced for any aesthetic or competitive purpose. It only focuses on achieving personal improvement at various levels (physical, mental and spiritual) which gives strength to the person as a whole.


The great physical benefits of Yoga

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  • Strengthening of the immune system: With the realization of the different Yoga positions and the breathing methods that are carried out, the immune system is optimized in such a way that it can function more efficiently, which decreases the risk of contracting diseases, bacteria, viruses.


  • Good posture: Nowadays it is completely normal for people to have bad posture due to the activities they perform daily, including sitting for a long time in front of a computer, however with the practice of yoga makes the posture is corrected so that over time you have the correct posture.


  • Improves the nervous system: The health of the nervous system is benefited on a remarkable scale, to the point where you can confront various circumstances without becoming stressed.


  • Flexibility: Your ability to flexionarte increases while at the same time the muscles are strengthened, which is ideal for those who suffer from body aches as it is a way to eliminate them.


  • Heart Health: Yoga makes you less prone to heart attacks or heart related illnesses. If you practice yoga constantly it is possible to strengthen it by performing the different positions.


  • Neck strengthening: The neck is one of the most important parts of the body because it is part of the base of the head. Usually there are ailments in that area due to bad postures of people, however this discipline is able to strengthen the neck to reduce any pain that is present.


  • Slimming: The practice of Yoga makes you burn calories, in addition to allowing you to have control over your mind which will make you able to maintain a balanced diet by eating the right portions. These two elements combined are undoubtedly the key to lose weight and achieve the physical benefits of Yoga.


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