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I Internalized About The Spiritual Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga classes and spiritual benefits are intimately related, attending yoga classes has become very popular throughout the world.

Many yoga classes teach yogic postures and breathing exercises developed by ancient yogis to regulate vital energies in the body.

From the perspective of spiritual growth, many decide to explore the benefit of attending yoga classes that consist mainly of yogic asanas and pranayams.

Purify our physical and vital bodies

Spiritual research undertaken by many experts has revealed that if one practices asanas and pranayam yogicas, he may encounter certain limitations from the point of view of spiritual growth and benefits.

There are scientific bases that show the average spiritual purification that occurs through the various bodies of our existence after undertaking yogic asanas and pranayam.

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From these studies it can be known that yogic asanas and pranayam purify the physical body and the vital body respectively, that is, they increase the Sattva component in them.

For example, through yogic asanas, the physical body would be spiritually purified up to 20% by an increase in the Sattva component, and this would require 10 years on average.

More subtle ways to practice for spiritual benefits

The increase of the Sattva component in the subtler bodies like the mind, the intellect and the subtle ego will require a more subtle type of spiritual practice.

Furthermore, the purification achieved in the physical and vital bodies by yogic asanas and pranayam can occur by following other paths of spiritual practice as well.

Yogic asanas and pranayam cannot prevent the effect of destiny, it is important to add that there is no connection between the purification of the body and the destiny that each one must experience.

For example, if a person is destined to suffer an accident, or develop some muscular disease such as degenerative myopathy, having done yogic asanas will not prevent it, the purification of the body however increases the tolerance of the body to face its destiny.

Spiritual purity is required to achieve benefits

One of the goals of spiritual growth is to reach a higher plane of existence such as Heaven, Tapolok, Swarga, Satyalok, Maharlok, or Janalok, after death.

Even to reach the subtle region of Heaven, which is the lowest among the aforementioned positive regions in the afterlife, each of the various bodies of our existence mentioned above must be at least 50% pure.

Yogic Asanas and Pranayam are very useful in worldly life to make the physical body and vital body healthy, with a healthy body one is more able to undertake spiritual practice as the service to the Absolute Truth.

If yogic asanas and pranayam are complemented with other forms of spiritual practice to purify the mental body and other bodies, then a person can make rapid spiritual progress in his life, thus a person can make progress in attaining life’s purpose. which is to merge with God.

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Yoga is a spiritual practice

If you go to yoga practice looking only for pleasure, yoga will ultimately disappoint you, because sooner or later, you will get bored with the practice or experience pain or discomfort in a pose that was fun before.

The basic lesson of this centuries-old science of self-exploration is that if you pay attention to the call of pleasure and pain, you will always be a slave to sensory experience.

If instead you learn to train the mind to be present, focused, and equanimous, regardless of life’s inevitable vicissitudes, then you will gain your freedom and ultimately experience your limitless and powerful higher self.

Sincere spiritual inquiry is a journey to your center, along the way all your attachments and aversions will be challenged, everything you know you are will be questioned and this is not for everyone.

There are traditionally three qualifications that constitute firm ground for yoga practice to reap spiritual benefits. Firstly, you have to commit to the practice for a long time, perhaps your entire life, before you can expect to see measurable results. , this framework removes the ego’s attachment to getting anywhere quickly in practice.

Second, you must practice continuously and regularly both on and off the mat, as much as you are willing to put into the practice effort will be returned to you.

But if you falter in your commitment to the practice and do not allow the practice to transform your whole life, then you will falter on your journey, only you can unroll on your mat and practice and only you can commit to your lifelong journey to the spiritual side of the practice.

Do everything with good intention and sincerity.

If you go into yoga practice with the assumption that it is only about getting a lean and solid body, then it will only take you to the most superficial level of the practice.

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If you do your practice purely for health benefits, you will undoubtedly feel better and have more energy, but even this is not the true depth available in the context of yoga.

In order to really get the deepest benefit from the practice, you have to set your intention on the spiritual journey of yoga.

If you know that your reason for doing the practice is to be a more peaceful, happy and joyful person, then all the necessary lessons leading to that result will become apparent through practice.

Most of the social conditioning is based on the principle that it is possible to live in a painless, quality controlled and optimized temperature environment, think about the end customer service experience we seek as consumers, everything about this relates modern style of consumption that seeks to keep the consumer in a perfect bubble where the customer is always right, that is the center of everything for the spiritual benefits of yoga practice.

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