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Sri Sri Yoga: Know Its Wonderful Benefits

Sri Sri Yoga is a type of Yoga that is formed by approaches developed by Sri Sri Shankar who was the founder of the humanitarian organization called The Art of Living, it provides techniques to achieve development on a personal level and is found in various countries around the world.

From a physical perspective, yoga is very useful for the stretching, strengthening and replacement of muscle tissues, it also contributes to the maintenance of bone structure, regulates cholesterol levels and stylizes the body.

As for breathing in Sri Sri yoga, it gives oxygen to the heart and sustains the whole organism in general.

However, the most important benefits of yoga are those obtained at the mental level, since it is worth much more to have peace of mind than to have a good physique.

Of course, with yoga you can achieve a good figure, but if it is complemented with a state of well-being, tranquility and happiness, then it is much better.

According to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the creator of Sri Sri Yoga, the meaning of yoga is ability, since yoga is about the ability to live life, the ability to manage the mind, the ability to manage emotions, the ability to share with people, to be in love and not to let love then be transformed into hate.

What is Sri Sri Yoga?


Sri Sri Yoga is a holistic way of energizing and integrating mind, body and spirit. This ancient knowledge has been applied in the present times, you can even add it very easily to your daily routine, so you will get an experience where you will increase your inner power and your general well being, besides that this sensation is lasting.

  Sri Sri Yoga teachers training

The practice of yoga has been recognized in different countries for its great benefits in the areas of health, mind and spiritual connection.

Sri Sri Yoga goes much further in terms of the benefits it provides because it not only offers the traditional benefits obtained from postures, but also has pranayamas (breathing techniques) and special meditations that bring other benefits to practitioners of this form of yoga.

Sri Sri Yoga is based on a program whose duration is a total of 10 hours distributed over six days. It can be practiced both by those who have experience in yoga and those who are new to the yogi world; in itself anyone who wants to improve their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being is welcome to practice Sri Sri Yoga.

It should be noted that the schedule and distribution of it can sometimes be adjusted depending on the person, in fact there are cases in which to practice Sri Sri is a retreat that has a duration of 10 hours equally but these are distributed in just one weekend.

In this way, the masters will be able to train people so that later they can practice this modality of yoga in a suitable way in the comfort of their homes and that way all the facets of life will improve enormously.


The great thing about practicing Sri Sri Yoga


With the practice of Sri Sri you will experience totally unique processes that will help you detoxify your body completely from within.

Just as when you take a bath and cleanse your body externally, the same thing happens with yoga because it offers you multiple tools that help you cleanse yourself internally.

These yoga processes deeply cleanse your organs of the respiratory and digestive systems, so your body will feel much lighter and healed from aches and pains.

In addition to detoxifying your body, Sri Sri (like all types of yoga) cleanses your mind and this is possible through careful special meditations.

Having a clean body and a clean mind, the practice of yoga itself can be carried out with more depth, and this will make you feel fresher, will make you feel alive and pure.

With the advanced yoga asanas of Shri Shri you will be able to meditate as long as you do them correctly.

Sri Sri Yoga school

In the literal sense, you will be able to transport yourself from movement to calmness, and that is where the true objective and meaning of yoga occurs, which is the union of body, mind, spirit and even much more; but for this it is necessary to know how to handle the breath since it is essential to be able to meditate.

Even yoga experts affirm that after practicing Sri Sri  they achieve a renewed understanding of what the practice of yoga itself is.


The benefits of Sri Sri Yoga


The benefits of Sri Sri can be classified into different areas, which are physical, mental and spiritual, therefore among the benefits of this modality of yoga are:

Physical Level:


– It improves the flexibility of the muscles.

– It increases strength and optimizes the condition of the bones and muscles.

– You will have more amplitude in the movements of the joints.

– Improves body posture and alignment of the spine.

– Optimizes the digestive process, blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.

– Improves the functions of the brain and endocrine glands.

– Prevents and relieves various diseases and chronic pain.

– Your body will have more vitality and energy.

Sri Sri Yoga bangalore

Mental level:

– You will have more peace within you.

– Your thoughts will be clearer.

– Greater capacity for effective stress management in both the short and long term.

– Optimize your ability to concentrate.

– Increases your self-esteem.

– If you are dependent on drugs and alcohol, decrease that dependence.

– Increases your energy and your desire to live.

On a spiritual level:


– It helps you to better understand your being, the spirit within you.

– Your consciousness develops so that you will be able to perceive the divine presence both in yourself and in others.

– Feeling of satisfaction and inner joy, even give meaning to your life.


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