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6 Yoga Poses to Relieve Your Body of Stress

Yoga postures are useful for resting, restoring and relieving the body of both physical and mental stress, as well as stretching the hips, knees, ankles, thighs and back and relaxing the spine, shoulders and neck.


Child’s pose or Balasana against stress


The first of these yoga positions is the child’s pose or Balasana against stress. To do it start by kneeling on your yoga mat, keep your knees touching or open a little wider than your hips.

Keeping your knees together provides more support and is recommended for people with less flexibility, lower your bottom onto your heels and your torso down towards the floor, resting your forehead on the mat.

Extend your arms out in front of you, palms up to intensify the stretch, or extend your arms behind you with your palms resting face up next to your hips, for beginners who lack flexibility in the knees and hips, it is recommended to place a yoga block under the hips.

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Anjaneyasana position


Ideal for the incline to achieve hip extension, because our hips are in a partially flexed position from sitting, this position stretches the hip flexors in the front, upper thigh and pelvis, as well as strengthening the legs and back muscles, the work reaches the arms and overhead, adding a level of challenge and strengthening to the shoulders.

To do it, from downward dog position, place your right foot forward between your hands, make sure your right knee is directly over your right ankle to protect the knee joint.

Bring the left hip forward so both hips are in line, with an inhale, lift the torso up and extend the arms towards the ceiling, palms turning to meet, if this is too difficult, drop the right knee to the floor and follow with the same stretch on the other side.


Warrior I or Virabhadrasana I Pose


Warrior I is a dynamic pose because it combines flexibility against stress, strength and stability, it helps to create better balance and as the chest and hips rotate forward, it can be worked deeply, which will help prevent lower back pain.

The main hip flexor muscle stiffens in many people with long periods of sitting, to do this position start from downward dog, step on your right foot with your hands.

Plant your left foot on the mat at a 45 degree angle, and make sure your right knee is centred over your right foot, inhale as you stand up, with your arms over your head, palms should be touching or facing each other.

Then work to rotate your left hip forward, squaring your hips in front of you, finally, sink a little deeper with your front leg and then switch sides.

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Ustrasana Position against stress


Ustrasana provides an intense stretch for the front side of the body while strengthening the back, which is an essential part of any yoga sequence because it counteracts the effects of spending so much time sitting with your hips and knees at 90-degree angles.

It can be a very challenging pose, so handle it slowly and carefully, to do it kneel on a yoga mat with your knees and feet about hip distance apart.

Place your palms on your lower back, fingers pointing down, place your elbows together behind you, inhale and look up towards the ceiling, then exhale as you arch backwards, allowing your head to fall back but with control.

Stay there or intensify the stretch by reaching your heels with your hands, keeping the arch in your back as you push your hips forward.


Cow Pose


Back pain affects almost everyone at some point in life, and lack of activity can make the condition worse.

Cow pose is a combination of two poses performed in a flowing sequence, it loosens the muscles of the back, hips and abdominals and strengthens the back and neck to improve posture and balance.

It is also a very relaxing pose, helping to relieve the stress of the day, to do it start on all fours with both feet and hands, with your shoulders directly over your wrists, your hips directly over your knees and a neutral spine.

Slowly arch your spine so that your belly goes down towards the floor as well as your tailbone, shoulders and head should lift up, creating a hammock shape with your spine, getting a gentle stretch in your neck.

Return to a neutral spine, and then arch your back, tucking your chin, repeat several times, making smooth transitions and aligning your breath with your movement.

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Savasana Pose


The final resting pose, Savasana, is the most difficult and most important yoga pose, even advanced practitioners who can contort and invert their bodies in many ways may find the practice challenging.

But it is essential to end your practice with five to ten minutes of deep relaxation; during this time, your body begins to reap the benefits of your practice, your mind calms down and you can move on from your practice to the rest of your day feeling more refreshed.

To do it lie on your back, extending your arms and legs outside the midline of your body, open your palms and close your eyes, breathe normally, remain still and completely let go of anything you are holding on to, including muscles and thoughts.



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