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Healthy Eating For Yoga Beginners

Although many people who are yoga beginners are enthusiastic about starting fitness, many times their hectic schedules leave less time for them to keep their bodies fit, due to the long hours they have to spend in front of the computer, the rare breaks and stressful deadlines, as well as the poor diet that is why they fall victim to back pain, fatigue and constipation.

At an age when they are expected to work hard, they often end up compromising on their health, while many people would agree that a good fitness regime such as yoga helps to keep these risks at bay, it may not be good enough.

The beginner yoga practitioner should choose and follow a good and healthy diet all this can help, even with a stressful lifestyle, you can minimise the risks by choosing the right food to eat.

But is choosing the right food enough? The answer is No, along with the right type of food, you must also learn to eat in the right way, while there is no set guide to follow, you should have guidelines and a general idea of what to do and not to do as part of healthy eating habits when following the practice of yoga.

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The yoga beginners practitioner should choose and follow a good diet.


First of all look at what you are eating, look at your current diet, what are you eating the most, are you consuming too many calories in your diet and not enough time to burn them off? Then you should probably consider eating something that is less fattening and easy for your body to digest, a couple of minutes spent doing basic yoga poses will help you burn those extra calories.

Secondly choose green leafy vegetables, make sure to add green leafy vegetables to your yoga diet, they are a rich source of protein, iron, calcium and fibre, green leafy vegetables are easy to prepare and quite appetizing too, plus a short course in Ayurvedic cooking will help broaden your menu.

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Thirdly and as something important in your diet as a yoga beginner learn when to drink water, we all remember studying during the school phase where our body is 70% water.


The beginner practitioner should choose green leafy vegetables.


It is essential that the body receives its much needed daily dose of minerals through water, drinking plenty of water helps to detoxify the body as well as gives you a glowing skin, although, we should avoid drinking water during meals as it slows down the digestion process, it is advisable to have water intake 30 minutes before or after consuming your meal.

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Fourthly to have a healthy diet as a yoga beginner, include enough protein in your diet, protein is vital for the body and should definitely be included in the diet.

Broccoli, soybeans, lentils, asparagus and spinach are some protein rich foods, low fat dairy products are also a rich source of protein. Make sure your body gets the required amount of protein daily.


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