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Meet the Yoga Guiafitness and its Excellent Benefits

Yoga Guiafitness is a variation of Hatha Yoga, which is based on the realization of aerobic exercise, which means that when you practice Yoga Guiafitness the person sweats in large amounts which is excellent for losing weight and toning the body.

The Yoga Guiafitness is a very active and dynamic way of carrying out Yoga.

The difference between Yoga Guiafitness and Hatha Yoga focuses on the practice of vinyasa, which refers to the group of movements and breathing techniques, taking into account the synchronization between the two and that the movements tend to chain one posture to another.

It should be noted that each asana has been designed in a meticulous way and is made up of a certain amount of movements and ways of breathing so that the postures are synchronized based on a harmony between breathing and movement.

In the different sessions of Yoga Guiafitness the same asanas will be carried out, the only thing that changes is the quantity of postures that are carried out since the same one will increase as the student advances in his experience in Yoga Guiafitness.

What is Yoga Guiafitness?


Yoga Guiafitness is a very old form of Yoga, the basis of which is found in a book called ‘Yoga Korunta’ by Vamana Rishi whose teachings were later transmitted to Sri Krishmacharya, and thus to different recognized characters of the yogi world.

In Yoga Guiafitness does not focus much on the subject of meditation, but rather emphasizes the realization of movements that have a considerable speed and high intensity, and this makes this discipline one of the most precise physical requirements to be practiced.

  asanas of Yoga Guiafitness

Each position is synchronized with each other and with the breath.

Who can practice Yoga Guiafitness?


This style of Yoga is especially recommended for people who have a preference for disciplines where speed and rigor are involved.

Although it is not only that you have to execute one asana after the other very quickly, but also that the realization of the postures must have a certain fluidity which makes it a little more physically demanding than other types of Yoga.

The first sequence of asanas is made up of positions where a little tension is generated in the spine, and also a considerable amount of the asanas that must be performed need to have strength in the arms.

This means that if you are new to the world of yoga, or if you are just looking to relax through meditation, then Yoga Guiafitness is probably not the right discipline for you.

However, anyone who is willing to face the challenges of Yoga Guiafitness is welcome to do so.


The Focuses of Yoga Guiafitness


– Vinyasa: It is the fluidity of breathing and movements. Each asana must be made up of one breath.

For example, when the person is standing must inhale, lean forward must exhale, and this way you breathe as you move.

– The advantages of Vinyasa is that it is a way to cleanse oneself internally, in addition to generating an increase in body temperature so that toxins begin to move and the blood becomes lighter and this leads to it having a freer circulation throughout the body.

– Tristhana: It is based on three different points of focus which are: Breathing guidelines, dhristi and postures.

Yoga Guiafitness philosophy

– Breathing Guidelines: The way you inhale and exhale should have the same duration. Breathing in this case is considered a way to purify the nervous system.

– Dhristi: There are a total of 9 Dhristis, bearing in mind that this word refers to the places where you should focus your attention. These sites are the nose, navel, thumb, third eye, hands, feet, upper body, left side and right side of the body.

– Postures: In this part it is considered that the different asanas that are performed are able to make the body stronger and purify it.

– The 6 poisons: It is said that God is in the hearts of people in the form of light, but is usually camouflaged by a total of 6 poison, but with the constancy and discipline in the practice of yoga is possible to get rid of these poisons due to the heat generated by the Yoga Guiafitness. These poisons are:

– Karma (desire)

– Krodha (anger)

– Moha (deception)

– Lobha (greed)

– Matsarya (envy)

– Mada (laziness)

Benefits of Yoga Guiafitness


– Optimize your balance and control: In this type of yoga a great concentration is required for the precise performance of the asanas, as well as a good balance ability.

– Increases the strength and power of the muscles: To practice Yoga Guiafitness requires deep penetration to maintain a fluidity in the performance of the sequence of asanas. Therefore the muscles will be strengthened and toned without even resorting to weight lifting.

urbamusa Yoga Guiafitness

– Improve your breathing capacity: With this type of Yoga you will learn to breathe effectively and consciously. Eventually you will be able to modify the way you breathe to improve it and make use of different techniques to relax, activate, cool down, meditate through it.

– Provides health to the internal organs: The Yoga Guiafitness has a considerable number of postures with which it is possible to optimize the state of health of the internal organs. Among these positions is Passchimottanasana, which is excellent for combating constipation because it increases blood circulation in the abdomen.



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