Exercises Yoga Poses for Breast Enlargement

Meet the 2 Best Yoga Poses for Breast Enlargement

Yoga Poses for Breast Enlargement is a very well known and practiced discipline worldwide and although at the beginning people used to practice it with the purpose of achieving inner peace, today the purposes for which yoga is practiced are very varied and this due to the immense amount of benefits that yoga brings today is used to enlarge the breasts.

In fact, lately several investigations have been carried out in which it was concluded that if yoga is practiced it is possible that the tissue of the muscles increases.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Yoga Poses for Breast Enlargement is a way to naturally restore a person’s health, and it also serves to control the chakras and make you feel general wellbeing. Believe it or not, yoga for breast enlargement also allows you to increase the size of your breasts, and this is a great fact since you will not need any type of surgical intervention to achieve it.

Although what yoga really accomplishes is that you correct your posture and consequently this will make your breast lift and you are in the correct position, this way the appearance of your breasts will look bigger.

Yoga for Breast Enlargement and Breast Augmentation


There is a lot of advertising these days that deals with the look and feel of the moment and of course that’s where the breasts come in.


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It is completely normal that women nowadays feel concerned or long to want to look good with the right bust size and this will most likely happen to the great importance of the physical today, besides looking good physically also offers excellent benefits to the person.

There are certain yoga asanas to enlarge your breasts that will allow you to increase the size of your breasts since they increase the volume of the breast muscles.

Specifically the pectorals, which are located underneath the breasts, are strengthened with the practice of yoga for breast enlargement so this means that you will be generating muscles in such a way that it will lift your bust to the ideal position while at the same time decreasing the sagging of the skin.

As mentioned before, women tend to think that good sized breasts will make them more feminine and beautiful and that is why they choose to have surgery and other procedures that are meant to increase the volume of their breasts, besides such procedures are so popular.

However, these methods can be quite expensive and the benefits or advantages you can obtain from them are minimal compared to how dangerous they can be in addition to the money you must spend on them.

The good news is that there are diets, massages and exercise routines that can naturally help you increase your breast size. Yoga is one of the best allies in this regard.

Why does yoga make your breasts grow?

There are certain yoga exercises to enlarge the breasts whose positions to be performed contribute to the development of the muscles and the tissue of the breast glands. The muscles that support the breasts are strengthened and toned at the same time by performing yoga asanas.

The best thing about choosing yoga as a method of increasing the size of your breasts is that it will be of great use to you in several ways since in addition to increasing the volume of your breasts without the use of a scalpel, at the same time you will be relaxing and releasing tension and the best thing is that you will not be running the risk of suffering from side effects since yoga does not have them.

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Also, the cost of yoga is not at all high and you will spend much less if you practice it at home, although of course prices may vary depending on where you practice it. However, what you will spend on yoga is nothing compared to what you would spend on a surgical procedure.

Yoga postures to increase the size of the breasts


Yoga Poses for Breast Enlargement Bhujangasana

This yoga posture is also called ‘the cobra’. The most important purpose of this asana is to strengthen the muscles whose function is to support the breasts and thus increase their volume.

To perform this posture you must lie face down on the floor with your legs straight as a whole and the palms of your hands must rest on the floor.

At the same time, your elbows should be in a backward direction. Then you must relax your body and slowly raise your neck, the top of your back and your shoulders.

Keep in mind that when you lift your upper body, your arms will be supporting much of your weight.

When you reach your peak, you should raise your head as high as you can and bow a little, but keep your pelvis flat on the floor.

You must hold this position for 20 seconds and do 5 repetitions. Then as you adapt to this position you can increase the time of duration.


The Gomukhasana, also known as cow posture, is very useful in increasing breast volume as it helps develop breast muscles.

To perform this posture you have to sit in a lotus position and fully extend your legs.

Then you have to bend your right knee and try to make the heel of that knee reach the right side of the hip, then bend the left knee and you have to grab it and place it above the thigh of the opposite leg (as much as possible) as long as you do not feel any discomfort.

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It is important that you align your knees so that they are one above the other.

You will have to move your feet so that they confront each other and at the same time your right arm has to bend over your shoulder and back. Your left arm should move to below your shoulder.

Then you must bend the fingers and close them so that your left hand intertwines with your right hand. You must hold this position for 20 seconds and invert the position of your arms and legs, doing 5 repetitions of this asana.



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