Know the 11 Keys to Achieve a Deep Meditation in Yoga

Deep meditation is a rather complex term to define, however it is known that deep meditation is the goal in order to achieve yoga by performing different asanas in order to enter a state of relaxation and counteract stress.

Even the most experienced yoga practitioners have trouble finding an accurate definition of what deep meditation really means.

Although if one focuses on what one can achieve in meditation, then deep meditation can be defined as a way in which contemplation is carried out, where all thoughts are cleared away and one is only able to concentrate on oneself so that a state can be achieved that goes beyond the mental.

It is important to note that doing meditation correctly may not be so easy, and it is something that you will probably not be able to do at first, since you will need to practice constantly in order to establish a connection with your inner self.

However, you have the help of Yoga which is a tool that makes it easier to meditate correctly.

The positive side of deep meditation


If you take time every day to devote to yourself, in which you are in an environment where silence prevails and where you can carry out some form of deep meditation in order to cleanse your mind and get away from the routine of everyday life, leaving thoughts in the background.

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Since Yoga establishes that the reason for being unhappy is because of thoughts; with all this you will be able to calm down in different levels in the physical, mental as well as in the spiritual and in such a way to be able to offer a better orientation to life where you have a greater freedom.

Inner peace can manifest itself in different ways, such as improved health, better ability to concentrate and clarity of mind, being harmonious, seeing life from a much more positive perspective, overcoming barriers in your mind, healing, growing as a person, strengthening your spirit and of course gaining physical flexibility.

When one is in a state of deep meditation, one is able to contact the version of one’s ‘self’ that is more complete, happy and bright.

This is because silence can be considered as a kind of melody for your soul, which will only bring you positive things.

Differences between meditation and yoga


Generally people do not seem to know for sure the differences between meditating and practicing yoga, they even tend to confuse such terms with each other.

However, although both can have some similarity, one must be aware that they are very different disciplines.

The main thing to understand the differences between both practices is to know the concept of each one of these. Therefore, the word yoga means ‘union’ which refers to the connection between the physical, mental and spiritual self.

Furthermore, Yoga not only refers to union but also to the process necessary to achieve such a union.

Therefore, yoga is an artistic and philosophical discipline, which influences the person who practices it on different levels, physical, mental and spiritual.

On the other hand, there is meditation, which focuses practically on not doing anything (no matter how false it may seem).

This means that when meditating what you should do is contemplate and focus your attention on an object, such as your breath, on which you should concentrate and not be distracted.

Deep Meditation experiences

Meditation comes from the word ‘Dhyana’ which is the seventh step of yoga and can be defined as a state of consciousness.

So, mainly it is a spiritual aspect through which the practitioner is able to focus his attention on his inner ‘self’, without taking into account his senses and removing all factors that may cause distraction.

Meditation is not an action, but a form of naming or calling when someone succeeds in establishing union. In addition, meditation is not achieved by meditating, but it is possible to reach it by performing other practices such as Yoga.

Meditation procedure


It is important to keep in mind that there are different ways to achieve deep meditation, some simpler than others, and also that their level of effectiveness will depend on each person, so some techniques may favor you more than others.

Below I will explain the basic way in which you can achieve meditation in just a few steps:

Get a space that is ideal for meditation, taking into account that the environment you build will influence the relaxation of your mind.

  1. For meditation, choose a time when your mind is not too tired, but just the opposite. It is generally recommended that meditation be done at sunrise or sunset.

Meditate daily, and try to do it in the same place and at the same time so that your mind gets used to relaxing more quickly.

  1. You should sit down, keeping your neck, back and head straight and your gaze should be centered on the front.
  1. Organize your mind, so that it can be quiet while you are meditating.
  1. Control the way you breathe, start by breathing deeply for 5 minutes and then slowly decrease.
  1. Make the way you breathe rhythmic, this can be achieved by inhaling and exhaling every 3 seconds.

Deep Meditation music

  1. When you start, do not force your mind to be calm, let it adapt and adopt a relaxed state without any pressure.
  1. Then, according to your preference, you should take your mind to concentrate on either the Ajna Chakra or Anahata Chakra style. You must maintain this concentration for the remainder of the practice.
  1. You will know that you are meditating when your mind is pure and concentrated, yet still retaining a state of awareness.
  1. Then when you have a little more experience in meditation, it will become much easier to achieve meditation and even when you are doing it you will be able to enter a state of superconsciousness.



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