yoga postures to perform make you cry

4 Most Difficult Yoga Postures to Perform You Must Handle

There are yoga postures to perform that are more difficult than others and yoga is undoubtedly one of the most complete disciplines that exist, in addition to providing many benefits, including tranquility and symmetry at different levels, which the mental, spiritual and physical.

Likewise, it allows you to be in shape because with its practice it is possible to tone up the body; and another great amount of benefits.

Yoga postures to perform is based not only on the search for harmony between consciousness and spirit, but also the more difficult yoga postures or asanas are of great importance in the practice of yoga to achieve such symmetry in the person; moreover these are crucial to the search for the inner self and to understand our body.

It is important to note that depending on the type of yoga being practiced, the most difficult yoga postures to perform or asanas to be performed will depend, which may vary in their level of difficulty, and that some, although they may seem very simple to observe, may be more difficult than they seem at the time of performing them.

Also, each posture has a reason for being and a purpose, and therefore if you are new to the world of Yoga and do not dare to try to do the postures because they are a little difficult, that is no reason not to try as it is a matter of practice and therefore at a certain time you will be able to master even the most difficult Yoga postures if you practice them frequently.

Although there are people who are more flexible and have more capacity to do certain postures and therefore they find them a little easier to execute.

  yoga postures to perform everyday

Most likely you have seen someone perform a rather complicated posture to the point of asking yourself, «How can I do that? However, it is possible to do it by practicing and being constant in order to overcome the difficulty of the asana.

And maybe you have another big question: Can I really condition my body to be able to perform that asana? That is a question that most people should ask themselves when they are about to start practicing a posture because it is a positive start. Also, Yoga is not a competition and therefore you should not outdo anyone but go to your level and advance at your own pace.

The most difficult yoga postures to perform

Yoga is composed of various postures, which are varied in terms of the level of difficulty and that level can also vary for each person according to their physical abilities.

Yoga should be practiced in a progressive way, therefore first the simplest postures should be mastered and then the most complicated ones should be started. Among the most difficult postures in the yogi world are


It is a posture usually practiced by those who already have some knowledge and time of practice in yoga.

In fact it is considered one of the most exhausting postures since it is quite complex, even to those who say it is impossible to do it.

To do this posture you must place one leg back and with the arm down you have to swing while your torso and the arm you have down are to one side.

The leg in front of you has to be stretched out to one side while keeping your front foot in the same direction as your front arm.

Peacock Posture

It is a posture with a very high level of difficulty, and even doctors warn that people should be very careful when performing it, in fact it is recommended that this posture should only be done by professional Yoga people.

When you do this posture, a large percentage of your body weight is supported by your wrists and elbows.

yoga postures to perform make you cry

Then the palms of your hands will be on the floor and the fingers should be in the direction of your feet, then your elbows have to rest on your abdomen so that you balance your body on top of your elbows with your knees bent to one side.

Slowly extend your legs backwards so that they are level with the floor.

Downward Tree Posture

To perform this posture you must have good balance since you must stand face down with your legs extended and keep your balance with your hands.

In fact, to be able to do it you must first be able to master other postures.

To start doing the downward tree position you must lie on your back with your legs extended, then raise them until they are pointing upwards at a 90 degree angle.

Then raise the back of your hips so that they line up with your legs and use your shoulders as a support so that you can lift your back so that your body is vertically positioned while you extend your arms.

yoga postures to perform in the morning

All of your body weight should rest on your hands so that you gently lower your legs and again form a 90-fat angle.

Pigeon posture

This posture is also known as the ‘one-legged pigeon king’. It is considered by many of the yoga professionals as an advanced complexity posture.

In order to master this posture, many hours of practice are required, and other postures of the pigeon branch must also be mastered in order to be able to master this posture.

To begin performing this posture, you must start by arcing your torso towards the back and incline your head from the neck area and in all its width.

You should use both hands to hold your foot to the back and then bring it up to the top of your head.



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