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The Great Importance of Breathing in your Yoga Classes

The respiratory system is what allows the entry and exit of gases that are essential for the body to function properly in your yoga classes.

It is classified in two parts: the conduction system which is made up of all the ducts that contribute to the transfer of air to the lungs; and the nasal cavities which are the two extensive openings whose job is to allow the entrance of air that will later be filtered, humidified and heated.

The simple act of breathing, which we do involuntarily, is fundamental to being able to live. Even people’s health depends to a great extent on breathing.

Breathing and yoga classes are intertwined, as breathing is essential to the practice of yoga. In fact, breathing, meditation and relaxation are the basis of all the types of yoga that exist.

Therefore, it is normal that when you start attending yoga sessions and classes, the first thing the teacher will teach you is to breathe properly so that you can get your body stable and relaxed, which is the main purpose of yoga.

Breathing is a crucial part of your body, which is why having control over it is very important and also brings benefits to your body and mind.

In order to properly perform the different postures in your yoga classes, you must be able to control your breathing and condition it to the exercise you are doing.

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If you don’t properly manage the way you breathe, you will find it a little more difficult to perform the postures in your yoga class.

It’s completely normal that you may find it difficult to control your breathing at first, but it’s all a matter of practice so after a short time you’ll be able to control it properly.

Synchronising your breathing with the postures in your yoga class

When you practice yoga, all the postures and equally all the movements you need to do them must be in accordance with the breath.

Therefore, ideally, you should start breathing just before you start performing the movement and continue to do so until you finish the movement or your yoga class is over.

Similarly, the speed at which you breathe is important, as it will determine the speed at which the movement is performed.

The best way to control it is by keeping in mind that the movement should be executed slowly, however not so slowly that your breath is the first to finish.

After you have mastered the synchronization of movement and breathing, you will be able to add other techniques to further control the breath.

For example, you can start to use a very peculiar symmetry of the breath by counting the duration of the breath, either mentally or with a stopwatch.

Is breathing so important in yoga?

Yoga is based on the existence of harmony between the different energies in your body.

These energies circulate through the channels inside your body, but sometimes these channels are blocked so that the energy cannot circulate through them.

One of the purposes of the yoga postures is to remove any obstacles that prevent the flow of energies throughout the body and this is done in conjunction with the breath. Hence the importance of breath control in the performance of yoga exercises.

According to the principles of yoga, it is possible to increase your inner energy levels through the air you breathe, thus filling your reserves by performing the postures.

In addition, breathing is essential for you to relax, and although as mentioned above, it can be a little difficult at first to manage your breathing, when you are in control you will be able to control your body and having this ability will allow you to relax properly and eliminate all the tensions you have accumulated, most of which are caused by stress.

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Once you have gained control over your breathing, the path to achieving your remaining goals will be considerably simplified.

Likewise, breathing is the way you maintain a connection between your body and your mind, with the aim of achieving symmetry between the two.

The day you are able to have that crucial symmetry, there will be nothing against you, because you will be able to manage your mind and suppress any negative thoughts that may hinder the circulation of energy.

The benefits of breathing in yoga

Breathing also brings other advantages when it is synchronized with the performance of the asanas, among the benefits that stand out the most:

*It helps you to concentrate deeply. It is impossible for you to synchronise your breathing with your movements and at the same time do a mental count if your mind is not completely focused on performing the asanas.

*When your concentration is increased when you are practicing yoga, you will be able to perform the movements more effectively.

*Breathing is very useful to get an approximate idea of the effects of yoga. If you do yoga postures without breathing control, you may end up getting stressed or even hurt from holding the pose for too long.

However, this can be avoided if you pay attention to the way you breathe, because if you feel any tension your breathing will become shorter, and this is a sign that the posture has already been performed for the right amount of time.

The essential types of breathing in yoga

In total there are three types of breathing, and it is performed by three different parts of your body, which in the field of yoga are classified as follows:

Abdominal region

It is located in the lower part of your abdomen, specifically below your navel. In order to work this part of your body, you must place your hand over this area and inhale, you’ll notice that your stomach will expand, then when you go to exhale, its volume will decrease. So you can learn to breathe using the lower part of your belly.

Diaphragmatic region

After you’ve got control of your breathing in your lower abdomen, you can concentrate on the other area, the diaphragm. This is the opposite of the previous one, as it is located in the upper part of the navel.

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To be able to manage this form of breathing you have to do a procedure similar to the one mentioned above, place your hand on top of your fork and inhale, so that you feel movement in your hand. It’s important that when you breathe, you do so only using this area.

Pectoral region

When you are able to control the two breaths from the regions mentioned above, it is time to start practising with the pectoral area.

This region is in your chest, and to work the breathing of this area you should simply place your hand on your chest and inhale, you will notice that your clavicles will rise, then exhale the air, it is important that you do not use the other breathing regions while you are working this area.


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