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Is Meditation a Perfect Solution for Stress Relief?

The vast majority of alternative therapies are not accepted by science, however meditation is completely accepted, therefore it can be corroborated that the results that can be obtained from meditation are proven by science.

The word meditation is used to refer to various meditative disciplines. The main purpose of these is the reduction of the level of stress and the modification of the emotions for the benefit of the individual. It is even believed that if you meditate deeply, your health may improve.

The origin of meditation goes back to Asia, specifically to its religions and traditions related to the spirit. Today many people in different parts of the world practice meditation.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a means by which one can convert information or knowledge into experience.

In addition, it consists of different levels. In the first level, the objective is to relax the mind and keep its concentration in one place, so that a space is created between the person who meditates and his or her experiences, thus allowing them to face the obstacles of life more wisely.

mindfulness meditation

Such a space is created when the person becomes aware of his or her own breathing, this is most often done in a meditation modality called Shamatha.

Anyone who wants to can reach that state of relaxation in specialized meditation sites so that the mind will be calmed and then that state of mind will be adapted to your daily life.

There is no doubt that this is the basis for the development of the human being, above all because it is a basis for being able to understand and carry out more complex practices.

 Then there is the second level of meditation which is called Vipassana. In this meditation there is no structure in itself and it is centred on the natural form of the mind, therefore the person is conscious but not thinking about something like this as they begin to understand and know spontaneously.

It can therefore be said that meditation is a way in which the mind is concentrated on a specific object and lucidity is generated as a result.

However, to define exactly what meditation is in itself can be a little complex, since it is something quite abstract and therefore each person can perceive what meditation is in a different way.

For one person, meditation is for religious or spiritual purposes, while for another it is an intellectual means of calming the body and obtaining a more positive emotional state.

Objectives of meditation

It is important to bear in mind that each person has a different purpose or objective for which he or she practices meditation, but among the most common ones are

– To rest the mind: Calming the mind and freeing it from the worries of everyday life.

– Mysticism: To cause the consciousness to develop in conjunction with the whole, that is, with the spirit and the body together.

– Being creative: To cleanse the mind in order to be more creative.

– To be happy: To achieve a stimulation of the areas of the brain that are in charge of generating happiness.

– To relax: To release all stress and anxiety in order to obtain well-being.

– To improve the concentration: To optimize the capacity to concentrate and also to improve considerably the memory.

– Stimulate the intellect: Increase the capacities of the mind.

Guided meditation

Meditation as a remedy for stress

Meditation is one of the most efficient ways to combat stress and at the same time optimise the state of health at its various levels (mental and physical).

The fact that people meditate to get rid of stress is nothing new, although it is clear that meditation has become more popular lately due to the influence of Eastern culture.

With meditation you can counteract stress, reduce it, relax, clear your mind, and let go of reality for a while.

We know that we live in a world in which we have a busy life with different challenges coming up every day, therefore these are new obstacles that often have to be overcome and this often frightens many people because they have to demand a little, and this of course are circumstances that generate stress in people.

It is known that there is no miraculous way to eliminate stress, therefore in order to do so an understanding must be made that goes to the very depths of one’s being and one of the ways in which this can be done is through the knowledge one acquires by practicing meditation.

When you meditate you can fight stress and learn about balance at different levels of the human being, which is crucial in the process of stress elimination.

As you meditate with some consistency, which is recommended on a daily basis, you will be able to get away from all the worries you have when you are doing the meditation.

meditation music

You will therefore feel as if you are detaching yourself from reality as your mind will be clear and completely blank.

Of course you can be aware of the noises around you, however they will not affect you in any way in your meditation. Therefore meditation is definitely excellent for eliminating stress.

It should be noted that there is no exact model of how you should behave when you meditate, as this is really time that you spend on yourself.

In addition, everyone should have a time to focus on themselves as it is quite important as it is a way in which they can take care of themselves and show love to each other.



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