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What is the Best Yoga Clothing?

Do you think there is a Yoga Clothing? To practice yoga it is not necessary to wear kimonos, gowns, specialized pants, go with a completely white dress and neither dress in a hippie way.

The main thing when dressing for yoga is to feel comfortable and therefore everyone has the freedom to choose clothes that make them feel that way.

And this is very advantageous, since it is a characteristic that usually does not present other disciplines since generally the clothes to make yoga that has to be used and the material of the same one in most of the disciplines usually is regulated, and this in many occasions can be a little expensive.

One of the main fundamentals of yoga and that must be known before the practice of it, is that you have to wear clothes that are in accordance with the discipline and also that you must have the appropriate equipment.

Therefore, that question that people usually have about what clothes to wear to the yoga practice can be answered based on the fact that yoga is an exercise that works the physical, spiritual and meditation part.

Therefore, the clothing or clothes to do yoga that should be used has to be utilitarian and simple.

In addition always taking into account that the clothes you choose are comfortable for the realization of the various asanas, so that you can make movements freely and you can bend your body parts without any mishap.

This means that you should be able to sit down, move to different positions, raise your arms, and flex your legs without anything hindering you.

The importance of Yoga Clothing

Yoga is mainly based on the philosophical field and its purpose is that you can practice yoga in a proper and efficient way.

Yoga Clothing brands

Also, yoga is about finding healing and revitalization for your body, mind and soul; which is the opposite of the principles that guide today’s society.

This means that yoga clothing is in no way related to current fashion trends.

At the same time, it is known that yoga is a practice with many years of antiquity, and its deepest intention is clearly related to the spirit of people, therefore in yoga there are some aspects that must be fulfilled regarding the way of dressing.

One of these is cleanliness, because if something is learned with yoga is that being clean internally and externally is fundamental.

The bodies must be healthy without any kind of intoxication in order to have strength.

Also, the mind has to possess the least contamination possible and put aside all the external factors that can harm people in their daily lives and at the same time only attract negative thoughts.

So, the clothing to be worn has to follow the particularity of cleanliness, so that harmony between body, mind, and spirit is achieved.

Taking care of one’s clothes is closely related to taking care of oneself, in which respect and love take place. This makes the clothing worn so crucial to the practice of yoga.

Therefore, if you wear yoga clothing that you are comfortable with and that is clean, then you will be able to synchronize efficiently with your mind and spirit.

The color white is a good choice for yoga

Keep in mind that when you dress for yoga, you have to base your dress on your personal experiences, that is, dress according to what you think is right and best for you.

You don’t have to pay much attention to what others say you should wear, nor do you need to draw attention to yourself in yoga. So, according to the way you dress, whether it is comfortable, elegant, modest, etc., it is a factor that will directly influence your consciousness and that is how you will project yourself to others.

According to many yoga professionals, the color white in clothing is able to expand the brightness of the aura, and this is something quite good.

The brighter the aura, the more solid your projection and identity, and this leads to combat all the negative energies in the body.

In addition, wearing clothes to do white yoga is also beneficial for the consciousness, since it is strengthened by the fact that you have to be more careful about having white clothes and that they get dirty easily, which is the opposite of the principle of yoga cleansing.

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The way to dress for yoga

Considering then the close relationship that exists between yoga and the clothes used for its practice, one should make use of clothes that facilitate movement, that are comfortable and that are also neat.

It is suggested to dress with clothes that are a little tight or on the contrary, that are loose, and that the materials of these are very subtle and elastic, as are the lycra and cotton.

For example, leggings, stretch pants or even the typical shorts that are worn in the summer are very useful.

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As for flannels or T-shirts, they can be worn both loose and tight, with long or short sleeves, or sleeveless, that does not influence in any way.

The crucial thing is that you can feel a lot of comfort throughout the practice of yoga.

When it comes to shoes, it is recommended and ideal that you do yoga barefoot since this way you can maintain direct contact with the earth; however, when the ambient temperature is very low you can use socks to counteract the cold.

Something that should always be considered is that there are asanas in yoga that are a little complicated to perform because of the movements that they involve; for this reason it is suggested that you wear clothes to do yoga that are tight because it facilitates the performance of such movements since this way you will be able to cover your body well and it will not generate any distraction.


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