7 spiritual laws of yoga

Know the 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga

There are spiritual laws of yoga! Nowadays yoga is one of the most popular disciplines, and it is used as a method to counteract stress.

This is because the practice of yoga is related to deep relaxation and physical well-being can be achieved very quickly.

Yoga can be considered as a science and at the same time a philosophy, whose origin goes back to India and is based on a total of 8 doctrines that are traditional of Hinduism, therefore the spiritual laws of yoga are part of the Hindu culture since centuries ago.

Even the people who teach yoga classes say that yoga should never be considered as a religion since there are many people who confuse it.

Of course, yoga is conformed by spiritual laws of yoga in a total environment, however, this is only represented as an energy field which each person must discover and experience, therefore it takes some time to be able to find it through the practice of yoga.

Although yoga brings many benefits at a physical level, these are only a part of what yoga can really give you, therefore although the physical is important, you should not stay alone with this because in the depth of yoga.

Spiritual laws of yoga quotes

You can learn about the understanding of life, understand yourself and determine the relationship with everything around us, ie with the reality with which to live day to day.

The ethics and spiritual laws of yoga


The term yoga means union; the various breathing techniques and postures are only one philosophical and traditional part that forms the aspects of the person.

The main objective of yoga is to achieve union with the spiritual self. Indeed, the spiritual laws of yoga go far beyond a technique for relaxing the body, resting the mind, and increasing physical flexibility.

The spiritual laws of yoga are composed of some ethical principles that allow people to establish the connection with the spiritual self, live the present and face the obstacles without any problem since with these people can change for the better and evolve personally.

Putting into practice the ethical principles of yoga helps in modifying different aspects of people’s lives, it also contributes to open the mind and emotions towards a new dimension of existence, where everything will now have meaning.

In the wider dimension of yoga, one can find the depth of life and also expand one’s awareness.

With yoga it is possible to receive serenity, confidence, freedom from fears and limits; yoga makes people cordially receive every change as these are seen as an opportunity to evolve personally.


The relationship of happiness with spirituality


All of us seek to be happy, but most of these people have no knowledge of how to achieve it.

There are many who relate happiness to tangible things, however this is not entirely acceptable as we must find a deeper meaning to everything, moralizing our desires.

To wish to be happy and to obtain happiness, requires without a doubt the exercise of spirituality, since with this you will be able to dream, to build, to create.

It is fundamental that you manage to connect with your spirit, which although it is not seen, you know that it exists.

The seven spiritual laws of yoga

However, the fact of meeting the spirit is much more complicated today because the same society has caused people to develop their external senses leaving the spiritual aside.

But with the proper use of consciousness, you can understand your role in this life, will guide you within and so you can connect with your spirit.

Happiness is a state of mind that is produced from within each person, so it has little relationship with the material that each person possesses.

With the practice of yoga it is possible to enter the spiritual world, since with it you can consciously manage your senses and your mind.

The word yoga has a very interesting meaning, since it means union where the balance and harmony of the mind, body and spirit prevails, although it can also mean the integration between the head, the hand and the heart.


The spiritual laws of yoga


1) Law of pure potentiality: The basic nature of every person is pure consciousness, since this is the source of everything that exists in the physical realm.

Since each person is an intricate part of consciousness, he or she has the abilities to be eternal, creative and unlimited.

2) The law of giving and receiving: Giving and receiving are very different actions if you look at it from the perspective of the flow of energy in the universe.

This is because the universe is always dynamically interchanging, so you need both giving and receiving in order to retain abundance, love, and all that you want to last a long time in your life.

3) Law of Karma: Every action produces an energy that returns to the person in the same way.

The moment an individual chooses actions that bring happiness and success to other people, the karma he will receive will also be one of happiness and success.

4) Law of the least effort: People have the possibility of achieving the fulfillment of their desires as long as their actions are based on love and when they make the least effort to not put up resistance.

 In this way, the person will be able to take advantage of the power of the universe to do little and achieve everything.

5) Law of Intention and Desire: In intentions and desires there are already innate ways to achieve them.

When you are calm and place your intentions in the field of potentiality, you can have all the access you want for the manifestation of your desires with ease and without much effort.

7 spiritual laws of yoga

6) Law of detachment: In the spiritual realm, things happen perfectly. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to fight or force the situations of your life to continue on your path.

However, you may want everything to happen as it should, so you can act and then let opportunities arise spontaneously.

7) Dharma Law: Every individual has a Dharmeu objective in life. With the expression of each person’s talents and their use to help others, you will have the opportunity to experience love and abundance unlimitedly, and you will feel fulfilled in life.



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