Yoga postures to increase musculature

4 Yoga Postures to Increase Musculature

Yoga is a very healthy discipline, which from a traditional point of view is often associated with the art of meditating. However, yoga is not only about that, since in the same way there are certain asanas or  Yoga postures to increase musculature that offer very significant benefits in terms of increasing strength.

When Yoga is practiced to increase the musculature, certain positions must be maintained for a prolonged period of time, and to achieve this effectively it is necessary to be resistant and strong, therefore when these postures are performed quite frequently is possible to increase muscle mass.

Basically it is known that Yoga to increase muscle seeks harmony between body, mind and spirit, because when it is carried out there are changes in energy and this will change the way the body works. It is also an excellent option to counteract stress and depression.

But few know about how excellent it is in the physical aspect, since being constant in Yoga practices to increase the muscles can optimize strength, flexibility and elongation, also increases and tones the muscles thus shaping the figure.

Even Yoga is excellent for slowing down the aging process, and this leads to prevent diseases related to aging such as osteoporosis. It also contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Yoga to increase musculature as an alternative to be in shape.

The simple fact of observing some of the postures of Yoga is enough to know that by practicing this discipline the person can optimize his abilities, such as strength and balance.

Benefits of postures to increase musculature

However, to deepen how effective it can be to be in shape compared to other disciplines, you must first be aware that there are different modalities of Yoga, and therefore the benefits provided by each of these are different as there will be some with more physical requirements than others.

If you are looking for a style of yoga that is athletic, then the ideal for you would be the Yoga Ashtanga or Vinyasa because in these requires a lot of physical skill. It is also good to keep in mind that each session and each Yoga instructor are different, since each one has his own way of giving classes.

Yoga and physical strength

Depending on the level of your skills, Yoga is an excellent option to optimize your strength. But don’t think it’s as simple as it seems, because Yoga when you start can be just as complicated as other disciplines to gain strength such as weightlifting.

Although the difficulty of Yoga lies mainly in maintaining the constancy of its practice for long periods of time.

If you are accustomed to a sedentary life where you spend your time watching TV sitting on a sofa, the vast majority of Yoga postures may seem a bit complicated to you, to the point of becoming quite a challenge.

But, if when you finish the Yoga session you notice a little discomfort in the muscles as well as tiredness, then it means that you are effectively exercising the area and this is very good for the development of strength.

It is known that the ideal exercise will be the one that you feel comfortable doing, so when you start in the world of physical activity or physically activate again after a certain rest, generally you will choose the exercise that is more pleasant for you. And most people in that case choose Yoga.

However, it is very likely that it passes through your mind how you will have to progress as you spend time in yoga. When it comes to working on strength, it should be based on training with a progressive load, that is, the training will increase in intensity over time.

For example, when you do weightlifting, you progress by increasing the weight you lift. But when it comes to Yoga, your progress will be based on you being able to stay in a posture for a longer period of time, having control over it, and being able to perform more complicated postures.

Yoga postures to increase musculature

Postures to increase musculature



Posture of the tree


In order to perform this posture you will have to stand straight and with your feet apart, bearing in mind that breathing in this asana is crucial, therefore you must concentrate on the fact that inhalation must be done through the nose and exhalation through the mouth.

Then you have to lift your right foot without lifting your shoulders, then bend your foot over the opposite thigh.

You should let your weight concentrate on the right foot so as not to demand too much of the left knee.

Then join your hands palm to palm and lift them to a height higher than your head, as high as you can lift them.

You must stay in this position for one minute and then perform the same procedure but with the opposite leg.


Cobra posture


Lie face down separating your feet so that they do not exceed the width of your hips, then put your hands on the floor and level with your shoulders so that you can raise your chest.

When you are lifting your chest, you have to keep your hips on the floor and not separate them from there.

The purpose of this asana is for you to fully extend your arms. You have to stay in this position for one minute.

Better postures to increase musculature

Bear posture


Using a mat, place your feet at the ends of the mat, then bend your knees until you notice that your thighs are parallel to the floor, thus obtaining a squatting position.

Then you must raise your arms, and these also have to be parallel to the floor and not exceed the width of the shoulders.

When you are in this position you have to breathe deeply and keep this asana for a minute.


Warrior’s posture


Put your left leg in front of you and your right leg back. Then turn your right foot to the outside at a 45° angle and your toes should be pointing to the same spot.

Raise your arms above your head, and they should be parallel to each other without exceeding the width of your shoulders. Inhale deeply and then exhale at the same time you bend your left knee. Then elevate your torso and flex your stomach muscles.

Stay in this position for a minute, and if you can keep it longer then do it. Then do the same procedure again but with the opposite foot.



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