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Do you know Karma Yoga and What are Its Principles?

There are many paths of yoga, but the most popular and well known are Hatha Yoga and Karma Yoga, which translates as physical yoga.

By performing postures, breathing exercises, energy keys and gestures; this type of yoga leads you to have harmony and physical balance.

The paths of yoga guide people to have a good state of physical health, harmony in the spirit and peace of mind; although each one does it through different paths but that complement each other.

The rest of the yoga paths are part of the dominant aspects of the personality of human beings, and in this case I will emphasize karma yoga.

The meaning of the word karma is ‘action’. Besides that there is also the law of karma which is the law of action and reaction, cause and effect.

When we speak of karma yoga, we are referring to a yoga of action sagas, where one adopts an attitude towards life that is characterised by detachment, being helpful and dedicated.

In the path of karma yoga, day-to-day actions become the way to achieve tranquility, well-being, harmony, and connection.

  Principles of Karma Yoga soria


This type of yoga teaches the person to know how to act so that he or she does not get involved in the action or become obsessed with the results he or she will achieve.

Likewise, it teaches the way to manage ourselves without the ego dominating us and without having to apply manipulation towards other people.

For the practice of karma yoga, it is important to strive to be stable, impartial, to have the capacity to be firm, stable in the thoughts of good and bad in life.

In this way it is possible to learn about controlling some reactions such as jealousy, anger, desire for revenge, hatred, etc., so that one does not act on them.

What does karma yoga consist of?


As was said before, karma yoga is the yoga of action. Every action leads to a good karma or a bad karma for the person.

Therefore, karma is considered to be the consequence of the action that is performed, on the person who performs that action. Therefore, karma is going to be the result of the thoughts and actions of all the past lives we have had and also of the present life.

When you have positive karma, it does not completely eliminate negative karma because each karma is independent and has different consequences.

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Therefore, if a person does good actions it is very likely that in the future he will enjoy the fruits that those actions brought him; the same is true of negative karma but on the other hand, he will suffer the negative consequences of bad actions.

However, when a person continues with the generation of karma, whether good or bad, he will always be subject to the cycle of death and reincarnation.

The only way to break this cycle is to free the spirit, and this requires that you do not have any karma.

The principles for the practice of Karma Yoga


– Forget about the past and the future: In order for you to give your best, you must stop keeping the past and the future in mind, since you are only living in the now and therefore it is in the present that you must start giving your best.

– Do your best: Whatever you do, try to do it the best way you can. If you can think of a better way to do it, then apply it.

– Don’t forget that all work and circumstances open a door for you to advance and leave you a learning curve: This allows you to develop your qualities, also helps you learn things about yourself and also can contribute from you to other people.

– Carry out your actions with a genuine desire for goodness and magnificence: You have to get involved in the actions you carry out and detach yourself from the results. Do not use circumstances as a way to achieve an end, especially if you want to achieve it at the expense of others.

– Be aware that action does not lead to frequent movement and agitation: This means that you can act in complete peace with yourself and your surroundings.

– Sow calm and detachment: Don’t be driven by insults, flattery, pride or vanity.

– Treat people as you would like to be treated: Keep in mind that each person is unique in existence, yet each shares feelings and emotions that are normal for humans. Therefore, when you have to interact, do it with a lot of love.


How do you practice Karma Yoga?


The practice of Karma Yoga is based on the fact that everything you do you have to do because it is what you really feel and not simply because it is what is convenient for you in the moment.

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 Also, karma yoga requires that you not only take responsibility for your every action, but also offer your work and results to the Divine.

The purpose of karma yoga is that you free yourself through your actions. This type of yoga seeks to influence destiny in a positive way.

It should be noted that the most outstanding teaching of this philosophy is charitable action. That is to say, a duty that you fulfill without being selfish, without attachments and without any interest.

This type of yoga is recommended for people or for the stages of life in which vitality dominates, the need for you to act and express yourself for those who are naturally outgoing.



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