Tantra Yoga definition

Learn About the Wonderful Benefits of Tantra Yoga

What is Tantra Yoga? Thousands of years ago man and nature had a very close connection.

Man lived naively and instinctively. With time he discovered that life went much further than he simply knew, and with the use of his senses he discovered new things in the universe.

From there as he investigated, he began to notice that he could have different moods which were subject to change and that by performing dances, body movements, sounds or by eating various foods was possible to change mood, so he concluded that the world is not limited simply to what he could see and touch, but goes much further, since there are things that are not available to the senses.

From there, tantra yoga was developed, which is a combination of certain techniques with which the expansion of consciousness is possible.

Yoga in general, when practiced, people should try to withdraw from the physical world to focus on the spiritual world, unlike tantra, which does focus on everything that can be felt physically and in the emotions in order to feel free.

What is Tantra Yoga?


Classic yoga is based on the fact that the body and the physical world in general are inferior to the spiritual world, this is an ideology that many branches of yoga have in common.

When it comes to Tantra Yoga, the physical is of great value and the body is considered the way in which the spirit manifests itself physically, so it could be said that it is a kind of means by which the spirit can free itself and eliminate suffering.

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In addition, another great peculiarity of Tantra Yoga is its objective with the realization of the asanas is the recharge of energy. Unlike other types of Yoga whose purpose is the opposite, to drain as much energy as possible.

Therefore, Tantra Yoga can be defined as a type of Yoga that is based on the use of techniques and knowledge that are useful to control and take advantage of all the energies that people have, including of course sexual and loving energy, in a perceptive and sensible way.

For Tantra, everything that is part of the universe, nature in general has a great meaning and therefore they are valuable, which is why they deserve to be respected and loved.

This is because Tantric is nothing more than loving life.

With Tantra it is believed that the spiritual and physical worlds are very related and not very different, as both belong to each other. So with the practice of this type of Yoga, one has the certainty that it is possible to become free and enlightened without detaching oneself from the physical world.

Types of Tantra Yoga


For centuries, Tantra Yoga has been divided into different branches:

– Tantric Buddhism: The monks of Tibet and surrounding areas, practice Tantra through songs, dances and prayers to achieve meditation, satisfaction and fascination. In their philosophy, they have implemented staying single and fasting, because they assume that this way they can manifest their physical desires.

– White Tantra: In other parts of India, they use tantra with techniques very similar to those of the Tantric Buddhist and meditate in groups, so that there can be a kind of symmetry between the feminine and masculine energy.

Although they are very sober and in most cases, chaste, so they make use of the energy of men and women to find divine equality. Here combinations are made with other modalities of Yoga and forms of meditation.

– Red Tantra: In India, specifically in the northern area, the same techniques are used as in the tantras mentioned above, with the difference that in this branch some modifications have been added so that states of delirium can be felt.

In fact there are areas of the country in which this practice has been developed to its maximum physical manifestation, since they implemented sexual union as a means to achieve a connection of each person with the mind of his partner, in planes that go beyond the physical.

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– Red Tantra is the most popular and most practiced type of Tantra in the West. In fact in that area it is only called Tantra. They use sexuality and the energy of the imagination to establish a connection with the universe.

Couples who practice it do so with the purpose of getting to know each other deeply and breaking the prototypes and boundaries that society has instilled.

– And in the case that the person who is going to practice it does not have a partner, in the same way he or she is allowed to practice it, since it is not completely based on sex, but Tantra is also about overcoming obstacles, freeing oneself from karmas and conditioning oneself to be ready for the moment when the person is going to have a partner.

– It should be noted that although in Red Tantra sexual union is used, it is not completely based on that.

Since there are other factors that are involved, such as having fun and take advantage of every moment you live, and learn that each experience leaves us a teaching.

Facts as simple as breathing, walking, sleeping, having sex, are actions that should be valued because they mean we are alive.

Benefits of Tantra Yoga


The benefits that Tantra Yoga can bring on the mental and physical planes have not been established as such, especially in the West, however on the sexual plane if one knows the great amount of benefits that it can bring.

However, when Tantra Yoga is practiced, not only is it obtaining body energy, but it is also capable of regenerating, vitalizing and rejuvenating people, which makes it an excellent option to prevent and/or cure various types of diseases, while making the person feel good about himself.

The mental benefits that can be obtained through the practice of Tantra Yoga, in addition to self-knowledge and overcoming adversity.

It is also possible to increase self-esteem, the ability to adapt to different situations, facilitate decision making and achieve peace of mind.

Its general philosophy makes that peace is obtained by means of the fusion of the mental part, the intuition and the emotions.

Tantra Yoga definition

As when you carry out Tantra Yoga you are in a state of affection in which you have an appreciation of life, and also enjoy it consciously and fully, which facilitates the healing of wounds generated by emotions and also counteracts psychological blockages.

In addition, because it allows a connection to be established with one’s internal ‘self’, it allows the psychological senses to develop.

At the same time, when the energy of sexuality is channeled, it stimulates the neurons, thus optimizing the mental functions and the use of both hemispheres of the brain,

And in the specific sexual sense, besides teaching you to enjoy it better, it also helps you to have control over it.



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