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Kripalu Yoga and its Health Benefits

First of all, it is necessary to know that in the world of yoga many of the asanas are derived from the sequencing of Hatha Yoga.

As for Kripalu Yoga, it is a style based on the philosophy that you should practice constantly and it also guides you as to how you should live your life. As with all other forms of yoga, breathing exercises (pranayama), postures (asanas) and meditation are still important.

However, in Kripalu Yoga it is taught that the body is the center of being of each person, this is why the person has to learn and know how to accept his body as his own master.

Kripalu Yoga is a variant of Hatha Yoga, its creator was Amrit Desai who was born in the city of Halon, India and founded this style of yoga in 1980.

It was based on the ancient Vedic scriptures and the Eight Precepts of Yoga.

This type of yoga leads to the integration of emotions, body and mind through postures that are characterized by their meditative power and moderation.

In addition, the word ‘Kripalu’ is a Hindu word used to refer to compassion for this is that it settles and respects the uniqueness of each person.

 kripalu yoga class description

A curious fact is that usually the yoga sessions end with the word ‘Namaste’, while in Kripalu yoga they end with ‘jai bhagwan’ which has the same meaning (I thank you or I bow to you).

Stages of Kripalu Yoga

When Kripalu Yoga is practiced, it is distributed in a total of three stages, which are the following:

1) Knowledge of the body and breathing: Yoga practitioners must learn how to perform the Hatha Yoga asanas, deep breathing, relaxation and correct alignment.

The person must focus his or her mind on the circulation of the breath and every detail of the alignment that allows optimization of concentration and conditions the individual to practice more deeply.

At this stage the asanas that are done have a short duration since this allows the body to be stretched and strengthened, as well as allowing the release of tension from the muscles and relaxing people.

The purpose of this is to have a strong circulation of prana throughout the body, thus developing the concentration of the mind.

2) Maintaining the posture: It helps people to focus their attention on the sensations they have inside, on their emotions and thoughts; in this way they learn to keep their asanas for a longer period of time, as well as cultivating the ability to highlight every detail that occurs.

The purpose of this stage is for the person to become attuned to the flow and presence of the life force. Also, the ability to observe the way the body and mind interact is acquired, which is called conscious witnessing.

The experience that is lived internally is deepened as a product of meditation and conservation of the postures for longer periods of time, which contributes to strengthening the muscles, improves the capacity of recognition and liberation of the tensions, both mental and emotional, and optimizes the development of concentration.

With the passing of time, the unconscious element comes to light, and there the person can feel it, see it and release it, so as to reestablish balance on an emotional level and also to have balance in the mind.

Even the heart opens and this allows the capacity of learning and growth to increase.

3) Meditation in movement: This is something that only applies in Kripalu Yoga.

Gentle kripalu yoga

At the moment of deepening the practice of this type of yoga, the plane proceeds to wake up in a strong way, the energy begins to flow freely, the body moves spontaneously and the capacity of the mind to be able to evidence its activities increases.

The body is given over to the spirit and prana is used as a guide. This is when the essential truth is realized.

The perspective of Kripalu yoga accepts that the essence of meditation is based on a state of inner absorption that is possible to occur at times when the body is calm and also when the body is in motion.

Both meditation in movement and meditation at rest are considered to be fully appropriate and complementary practices.

When people are just getting started in Kripalu Yoga, they should only focus on completing the first stage, but when they are more experienced they can start with the completion of all the stages mentioned above.

Generally the classes are characterized by their moderation, vigor, and tranquility; as far as intensity is concerned.

However, because the needs of each person are different, it is recommended that each person tune in and know their bodies, so they can practice this form of yoga in the intensity that suits them best.

The benefits of Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is ideal to take advantage of the inner being as it is capable of anything.

That idea of self-empowerment and belief in yourself and your own body is what makes this type of yoga a discipline that transforms you no matter if you are a beginner or if you already have time in the world of yoga.

kripalu yoga los angeles

As Kripalu Yoga is generally gentle and can be adapted to the capabilities of each person’s body, all people are able to perform the asanas of this yoga modality, even the unfit and the elderly.

It also imparts a philosophical spirit that benefits those who need to know and discover themselves.

This means that Kripalu Yoga is an excellent way to develop your mind, spirit and spirit in harmony with each other.

You can develop an awareness of the way you think, feel and act; and this not only in the practice of yoga but also in everyday life.



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