Saalam Namaste

Do you know the True Meaning of the Word Namaste?

If you are one of those people who is dedicated to the field of relaxation and practices activities related to it, such as yoga, then most likely you have heard that your instructor usually uses the word Namaste.

Similarly, it is possible that you have not only heard this word from your yoga instructor, but in other circumstances, especially in places that are dedicated to deepen spiritually and of course in certain cultures of the Asian continent.

It is a term that is usually used in different circumstances and by people from different parts of the world, although from a traditional point of view this word comes from India.

It is also important to know that the word Namaste is written in Sanskrit and therefore not all people know what it really means, since behind its letters there is a great meaning.

What is Namaste?


Generally speaking, Namaste is a kind of greeting that is usually said when a conversation begins and ends, as it would be in the case of ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, therefore it can be used for health and to say goodbye to a person.

This type of use is mostly implemented in the Asian continent, specifically in the southern zone in Buddhist countries such as Nepal and India.

 Saalam Namaste

To carry out this greeting in the countries mentioned, a gesture is made by opening your hands and bringing them together in front of your chest and bowing your head a little, in fact by doing these movements it is not necessary to say the word Namaste since it is over understood.

With this action you will be expressing a high level of respect, besides imploring the perception that people in general possess the same essence, energy, universe; therefore the word Namaste and the gesture have a force that brings peace intensely.

There is also another way to carry out this greeting, and it consists of joining your hands in front of your forehead, but if you are going to bow to a god or a superior being, then your hands should be above your head.

In a spiritual realm, the meaning of Namaste would be: ‘The divine in me bows to the divine in you. However, this meaning may vary from country to country, since for example in India this meaning is not valid, but is used for greeting, as mentioned above, that is, it is used as a kind of respectful greeting.

The origin of the word Namaste


Etymologically the word namaste has its origin in the ancient culture of India since among the various languages that used to be spoken in the area of India and Nepal was Sanskrit, which is considered a fairly sacred language, specifically for Hindus.

It can be said that the origin of this word is quite old due to the fact that it comes from the ancestors of the Hindu culture.

Likewise, Sanskrit is a language that is characterized by its perfection as well as being quite complete if analyzed grammatically, and this has been considered in this way by experts in linguistics.

Namaste Yoga

The spiritual meaning of the word Namaste


It should be kept in mind that the word Namaste goes far beyond its semasticism, as it also has its meaning in the philosophical and spiritual areas and therefore makes what this word means much deeper.

The term ‘namas’ which composes the word Namaste, is generally interpreted as ‘nothing of mine’ and this refers to the fact that in itself the ego of the person is nothing, which makes the person humble before others.

Even if you greet by using Namaste and do it in a sincere way, then you will be able to connect deeply with other people, leaving aside social standards.

In another sense, Namaste is also based on the existence of a divine essence that is found in all people, therefore, when this word is complemented with the gesture mentioned above, which consists of placing your hands as if you were praying and bowing your head a little, then this means that you recognize the existence of that divine essence in your being and in the other person.

Another great meaning is that with Namaste a message is transmitted that refers to the fact that your spirit and the other person’s spirit are one.

But in the end, all these meanings seek the transmission of a greeting and farewell that is given to another person deeply and spiritually; with which you will be acting sincerely without any kind of prejudice.

Why make use of Namaste?


When you use Namaste to greet or say goodbye to someone, or just as a type of interaction with another person, you are gathering both energies in one place where they can freely connect and unite deeply.

In addition, it is a way to show gratitude, respect and at the same time it allows you to establish a connection with the people around you, so it is very advantageous to use Namaste when relating to other people.

Namaste meaning

Also, by using Namaste you are leaving your ego aside completely, becoming a totally humble person, both spiritually and psychologically, since this way of surrendering to another person and at the same time being humble can bring you benefits, such as helping you to create awareness about your existence depending on the context in which you are located.

Best of all, with Namaste you don’t even need to use words, since it can be all gestures, and most people who use it do so from the heart, thus genuinely creating a deep connection between people beyond all the prejudices established by the society in which we live.



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