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Learn About the Different Types of Yoga that Exist Today

Yoga is a discipline that for many is considered a lifestyle, the types of yoga are based on the performance of postures or asanas, breathing and meditation, with which you can take care of yourself, heal and strengthen your body and spirit.

The origin of yoga goes back to India thousands of years ago, and today it is one of the most practiced disciplines to condition the body and spirit.

Yoga forms the spiritual, social, and religious culture of the Hindus, emphasizing that this is a culture with great complexity.

There are ancient writings that speak of meditation, breathing and even postures that help people in the purification of their bodies.

The term yoga can be translated as ‘union’ or ‘effort’. This can be applied from the point of view that yoga is made up of a group of disciplines on a physical and mental level whose origin is Hindu and the objective is to achieve perfection in the spiritual realm and in union with the absolute.

Likewise, yoga is also composed of practices that are more modernized, which have been adopted from various cultures, mostly Hindu and stimulates the mastery of the body and increases the ability to concentrate.

Today the types of yoga are practiced for various reasons, either because the person wants to integrate his soul, mind and spirit to achieve the development of spiritual awareness later.

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Although there are also those who practice it for physical reasons, because yoga helps you to stretch and improve your body posture.

What are the types of yoga?


The yoga session usually lasts from one hour to one and a half, in which different postures are performed and complemented by good breathing, these bring many benefits to both the body and the mind.

Each posture has a different level of complexity, so there are very easy postures that are usually performed by those new to the world of yoga, and there are also quite complicated postures that can be performed by people who already have a lot of experience in yoga.

All types of yoga begin with a warm-up called ‘Sun Salutation’, this is made up of different positions that you begin standing and little by little you will go down until you are on the floor, this helps you warm up and lubricate your muscles and joints.

Also, when this is combined with breathing, you will be able to produce heat and energy in your body.

After the person has warmed up, you proceed to perform static postures. It is important to note that you will always do the postures and counter postures because this is how you work your body and muscles in a balanced way.

Although there are types of yoga where the postures are dynamic, which means that they must be performed while in motion.

Each yoga class should culminate with a relaxation of approximately 10 minutes, as this will bring calm to the body and mind.

The benefits of yoga


– The types of yoga give you energy which makes the glands perform their functions more effectively, and when you relax you will feel calm and refreshed.

– It improves your flexibility, so you maintain your body’s condition and restore it.

– Practicing yoga regularly will increase your ability to work, so you will have more stamina.

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– Performing the postures helps to tone up various areas of the body.

– With toning and improved flexibility, this combination leads to improved body posture.

– By achieving a balance of mind and body with the practice of yoga, you will also be achieving well-being in terms of your health.

– Performing yoga postures helps you deepen and extend your memory, attention span and concentration.

– Contacting your inner self, which is possible with yoga, will give you a completely new perspective on life and isolate your mind from all worries.

– It gives you peace of mind, makes you more tolerant and therefore you will have a general state of tranquility.

– It allows you to develop your skills so that you understand how your mind works while you witness the activity of your body and your breath.

– It will increase your knowledge which makes you wiser.

– Wisdom will guide you to experience what freedom is like on a daily basis.

– Exploring your mind, body, spirit and emotions leads you to feel much harmony.

The main types of yoga


1) Hatha Yoga: It is considered to be the physical yoga and it is the most common as it is based on the performance of postures. Hatha Yoga is based on the work of the physical body so that it is easier to meditate and awaken the body’s vital energy. The postures of this type of yoga are mostly to increase strength and flexibility.

2) Anusara Yoga: It is a type of yoga that came to light recently, and it is based on certain principles of the philosophy of tantra.

The basic thing in Anusara Yoga is to focus on aligning the body, so you should use movements that have fluidity, in addition to the execution of the asanas is made use of walls, bands and even work in groups.

3) Kundalini Yoga: The main technique of this yoga is to awaken the kundalina, which is defined as the pranic energy at the base of the spine.

This yoga is characterized by being devotional and spiritual; when it is practiced in most of the times candles, incenses, chants, mantras are present.

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4) Bikram Yoga: This type of kriya yoga is some decades old, it is made up of 26 postures from Hatha Yoga that are able to work the body completely, also adds two breathing exercises.

5) Ahstanga Yoga: The word Ashtanga means eight steps, which is the total number of yoga elements specified by Pantanjali.

Therefore, yoga seen from a classical point of view will always be Ashtanga since all the practices of yoga form a very broad system.

Ashtanga Yoga is about flowing postures and movements.



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