Yoga Positions to Relieve Your Stress Body

6 Yoga Positions to Relieve Your Stress Body

The yoga positions are useful to rest, restore and relieve the body of both physical and mental stress, also to stretch the hips, knees, ankles, thighs and back as well as relax the spine, shoulders and also the neck.

Child yoga positions or Balasana

The first of these yoga positions is the pose of the child or Balasana to do it begins kneeling on your yoga mat, keep your knees touching or opens a little wider than your hips.

Keeping the knees together provides more support and is recommended for people with less flexibility, lower your back on your heels and your torso down to the floor, resting your forehead on the mat.

Extend the arms in front of you, palms up to intensify the stretch, or extend the arms behind you with the palms of your hands resting upside down next to your hips, for beginners who lack flexibility in the knees and hips , it is recommended to place a yoga block under the hips.

Benefits of Yoga Positions names

Anjaneyasana position

It is ideal for the inclination to get the extension in the hip, because our hips are in a partially bent position when sitting, with this position the hip flexors are stretched in the front, upper thigh and pelvis, in addition to strengthening the muscles of the legs and back, the work reaches the arms and above the head, adds a level of challenge and strengthening the shoulder all this is more bearable if you use an air purifiers.

To do this, from the dog’s down position, place the right foot forward between your hands, make sure that your right knee is directly over your right ankle to protect the knee joint.

Take the left hip forward so both hips will be in line, with an inhalation, raise the torso upwards and extend the arms towards the ceiling, with the palms turning to find, if this is too difficult, drop the right knee to the ground and continues with the same stretch on the other side.

Yoga positions Guerrero I or Virabhadrasana I

Guerrero I is a dynamic pose because it combines flexibility, strength and stability, helps create a better balance and as the chest and hips rotate forward, you can work in depth, which will help prevent back pain.

Yoga positions for the nerves pdf

The main flexor muscle of the hip hardens in many people with long periods of session, to make this position leave from the dog down, step on your right foot with your hands.

Plant your left foot on the carpet at a 45-degree angle, and make sure your right knee is centered on your right foot, inhale as you get up, with your arms over your head, the palms of your hands should be touching or confronting.

Then work to turn your left hip forward, squaring your hips in front of you, finally, sink a bit more with the front leg and then change sides.

Ustrasana position

The Ustrasana position provides an intense stretch for the front side of the body, while strengthening the back, which is an essential part of any yoga sequence because it counteracts the effects of spending so much time sitting with your hips and knees in angles 90 degrees

It can be a very challenging posture, so stay in it slowly and carefully, to make it kneel on a yoga mat with your knees and feet close to your hip.

Place the palms of your hands on your lower back, with your fingers pointing downwards, gather your elbows behind you, inhale and look at the ceiling, then exhale while you arch backwards, allowing your head to fall backwards but with control, for greater comfort when doing these poses you can use the air purifier that you can see in detail on this website

Stay there or intensify the stretch by reaching your heels with your hands, keeping the bow on your back while pushing your hips forward.

Position of the cow

Back pain affects almost everyone at some point in life, and lack of activity can make this condition worse.

The position of the cow is a combination of two poses performed in a flowing sequence, loosen the muscles of the back, hips and abs and strengthens the back and neck to improve posture and balance.

It is also a very relaxing pose, helping to relieve the stress of the day, to start it in four extremities both feet and hands, with the shoulders directly on your wrists, your hips directly on your knees and a neutral spine.

Slowly arch the spine so that your belly goes down to the floor as well as the coccyx, shoulders and head you must lift, creating a hammock shape with the spine, getting a gentle stretch in your neck.

Yoga Positions to Relieve Your Stress Body

Go back to a neutral spine, and then arch your back, bending your chin, repeat several times, making smooth transitions and aligning your breathing with your movement.


Savasana position

The final resting position, Savasana, is the most difficult and most important yoga pose, even advanced practitioners who can contort and invert their bodies in many ways can find the practice challenging.

But it is essential to finish your practice with five to ten minutes of deep relaxation, during this time, your body begins to reap the benefits of your practice, your mind calms down and you can move from your practice to the rest of your day feeling more refreshed.

To make it lie on your back, extending your arms and legs out of the midline of your body, open the palms of your hands and close your eyes, breathe normally, stay still and completely let go of anything you cling to. , including muscles and thoughts.


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