Safe Postures of Yoga for Pregnancy

5 Safe Postures of Yoga for Pregnancy

Getting pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up your weekly yoga class, in fact, the benefits of staying active during pregnancy are enormous, and practicing yoga for pregnancy can be a great option!


Yoga for pregnancy can improve your energy and help you relax, calm down, meditate, become more conscious with your workouts and increase your body awareness as your baby grows, before proceeding to a yoga practice for pregnancy, however, here are a few things to keep in mind.


For a care with Yoga for pregnancy

Get your doctor’s approval.

Make sure you have discussed your exercise program with your doctor and that you are authorized to exercise.

 yoga for pregnancy firts trimester

Avoid overstretching.

Once you’re pregnant, your body produces a hormone called relaxin, which, like its name suggests, helps relax the ligaments, allowing the baby to be born through the pelvis.

This affects not only the ligaments around the pelvis, but the entire body, so limit your range of motion by moving through a range that feels good for you and is never painful.

Talk to your instructor.

When looking for a yoga class, make sure the instructor is aware of the modifications for pregnancy, especially if you’re not running a specific prenatal yoga class.

Stay hydrated.

Be sure to drink plenty of water, keeping a bottle next to you during all workouts, hydration is especially important during pregnancy, as dehydration, especially afterward, could cause premature labor or false premature delivery, even in non-Bikram classes, a yoga room can warm up quickly, it is always better to play it safe, moisturizing yourself as the room and your body warm up.

Avoid excessive twisting postures.

If you are conditioned and have been doing yoga twists before becoming pregnant, you may be able to continue during your first trimester, but only if you feel all right for your body.

If you’re not conditioned for twirl poses, now is not the time to start, so modify and choose other yoga poses for safe pregnancy.

Be careful with investments.

Again, if you haven’t been making investments before pregnancy, it’s best to avoid them, however, if you’re an avid yogi who has made investments before and they’re comfortable for your body, then, of course, go ahead, as long as they feel good about you.

As your pregnancy progresses, your time spent may need to be minimized. If your doctor has told you to avoid investments, don’t make them for anything in the world.

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Focus on strength.

Move through a controlled range of motion in which you can feel your muscles activating and working to help you in those attitudes and just stretching, this is very important and will help you reap the incredible benefits of strength building.

Start thinking about yoga postures for pregnancy that will help you feel strong and avoid falling into stretches unless they are specifically for relaxation.

Now that you are aware and understand some guidelines to follow during pregnancy, here are five of the best prenatal yoga poses that are safe for you and your baby, remember to make the necessary modifications, especially as your pregnancy progresses.


Yoga Postures for Pregnancy

Cow and Cat Postures in Yoga for Pregnancy

This pair of poses is a safe exercise to practice in all stages of pregnancy and is ideal for strengthening the muscles of your deep abdomen while lengthening your spine, use this exercise to help stretch your belly when you reach the fullness of growth, and be sure to practice deep belly breathing in this exercise.

Warrior Posture II

Safe for all trimesters of pregnancy, this is a good posture to strengthen the legs and abdomen while lengthening the spine and opening the muscles.

If you start to feel uncomfortable pulling on your pubic area or the front of your hips it will most likely be in your third trimester, first try to decrease your range of motion, if you still experience any discomfort, discontinue Warrior 2 posture for the rest of your pregnancy.

Bridge Posture

Many women love this posture to open their hips and strengthen their abdomen, buttocks, and hamstrings.

It is safe for every trimester, unless you are uncomfortable on your back, one suggestion is to make sure you start on your side and then roll back, moving your body in a bridge position, this will help minimize stress on your rectus abdominus muscle or the front of your abdominals.

Pigeon posture

This is a wonderful option to open the front of your hips and buttocks, when the application of the pigeon posture is raised is thought to maintain a slight connection with the abdomen and stretching through the top of the head.

yoga for pregnancy back pain

This allows for a deeper opening of your hips, giving your deep abdomen more support, rather than simply sinking into movement, although this posture is safe for all trimesters of pregnancy, as your belly grows you may have to modify something by shore up a pillow under your hips.

Tree Posture

This posture challenges your balance, while strengthening your abdomen and legs, squeezing your buttocks when standing up and breathing deeply.

It is safe for all trimesters of pregnancy, just consider your balance changing as your pregnancy progresses, you may find it comfortable to place a hand on a support surface or use a wall which is necessary to help maintain your balance.


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